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Retro Rogue-Like Quest Of Dungeons Journeys Onto Android

Rogue-like fans rejoice! After making the rounds on PC and iOS, indie developer David Amador’s devilishly challenging turn based RPG Quest of Dungeons has finally completed its epic journey onto Google Play. A hardcore procedurally generated test of endurance fraught with perma-death, Quest Of Dungeons is aimed at die hard fans of the genre who are looking for a deeper experience that doesn’t compromise itself due to difficulty. In Quest Of Dungeons when your character dies you go back, not to the start of the level but the start of the game which lends a great deal more weight to fight or flight decisions.

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What helps set Quest Of Dungeons apart from its peers, especially on mobile, is its ability to seamlessly blend an intuitive play style that takes cues from old school PC RPGs with nerd-tastic stat based combat. Although this is a turn based game the action is surprisingly smooth thanks to a user friendly one-tap UI scheme. With its procedural weapons and dungeon design, Quest Of Dungeons is able to pack in a ton of replay value that gives players a unique challenge with each new game.


Quest Of Dungeons is a fantastic new rogue-like RPG that like a giant slimy puddle of ooze, sucks you in and doesn’t let go. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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