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Beautifully Surreal Puzzler Back To Bed Sleepwalks Onto Android

Indie developer Bedtime Digital Games’ trippy new 3D puzzler Back To Bed has finally arrived on Android, and it’s brought with it a mind-bending surrealist art style that would make even MC Escher jealous. From it’s audio to its graphics, Back To Bed oozes personality but that’s not why it’s good. It’s a great game because of the way it uses our inherent understanding of 3D spatial reasoning against the player by toying with preconceived notions through bizarrely wonderful puzzle set pieces. Back To Bed charges players with keeping a sleepwalking narcoleptic man from trotting along to his doom by using the environment to manipulate his path.

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A cross of sorts between Marble Madness and a one-man version of Lemmings, Back To Bed is an addicting logic puzzler that will keep you playing for hours on end with its thought provoking conundrums. As the sleepwalking man’s subconcious players will run around each stage picking up and strategically placing objects in order to guide him safely back to bed. The puzzles are all really well designed and imaginative, which does alot to draw the player into this gorgeous world. Back To Bed also supports bluetooth controllers like the MOGA which makes it great for long playing sessions.


A thought provoking 3D puzzler that could very well be considered a work of art, Back To Bed is an amazing game that deserves your attention. You can pick it up now for $4 on Google Play.

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