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Shoot A Bit Review

If there were such an abstract thing as a retro hell for video game characters, I imagine the Galaga guys’ would look strikingly similar to indie developer Deadly Apps’ ferociously vibrant new rogue-like shooter Shoot A Bit. Detail is king in Shoot A Bit and the games merciless thinking machine minions are it subjects with the player a valiant Don Quixote esque figure bravely charging into a seemingly hopeless battle with naught but the might of his pew-pews. That’s why Shoot A Bit is so intriguing, it doesn’t necessarily do anything new per say but the way it combines its own clever twist on the shoot ’em up genre with an insane amount of attention to minutiae makes for an engaging experience that will keep you playing just to see what the game throws at you next.

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Part bullet hell shooter, part rogue-like, part Wing Commander, Shoot A Bit is an awesome arcade shoot ’em up where the enemies are more than just your average Goomba in Mario waiting around to get shot. They’re more like the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park, a pack of ravenous pixel predators that may be easy to kill at first glance but the survivors will actually learn how you fight and dynamically adapt to your strategies in real time so they can attack you at your weakest. That’s important because like in the classic space opera fighter sims Wing Commander and X-Wing each ship, including your own, is made up of many important parts that can be individually chipped away to reduce your fighters efficacy which can make for some incredible boss battle sequences when you go to take on Shoot A Bit’s round ending behemoths.


The action takes place in an isometric circular arena that resembles a 3D interpretation of Tempest 2000 where players fly their ship around the edge blasting at a horde of invading aliens with whatever weapons they can salvage. Not only can the player use resources collected from defeated enemies to power up their ship in creative ways, but the enemies can as well. Every single enemy and boss in the game is procedurally generated for a unique mixture of speed, strength, and strategy. And like a classic arcade game there’s no continues or saves to fall back on either, so needless to say Shoot A Bit offers alot of replay value and rather than use clumsy touch controls players can instead use their device’s accelerometer to steer their ship which works surprisingly well.


Shoot A Bit is an imaginative new old school shooter with a penchant for detail and a lot of reasons to keep playing. It’s available now on Google Play for free with ads that can be banished to the depths of space for $2.99 if you so choose.

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Shoot A Bit Review Craig Forshey

Final Verdict

Summary: An awesome arcade shooter hybrid with a penchant for visual flair and replayability, Shoot A Bit is more than just another shoot 'em up.



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