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Electrifying Arcade Sequel God Strike 2 Launches Onto Android

Magic Cube, the same indie studio behind the hit iOS title Call Of Snakes is back with a wacky new sequel to its 2010 iOS arcade action game God Strike that gives its predecessor a massive overhaul and marks the series first appearance on Android. Simply titled God Strike 2, this gesture heavy arcade physics game puts players in the shoes of a vengeful god raining down piping hot lightning upon the evil people of the world. While the original God Strike was a rather simple affair, God Strike 2 ups the ante in nearly every way with upgraded graphics, multiple deities to choose from, and amped up gameplay mechanics. You only have a certain amount of attacks to use per round however, which adds a subtle layer of strategy to the proceedings.

godstrike2555 godstrike25

An impressive 140 level campaign comprises the bulk of the experience while an unlockable endless mode pits players against a neverending swarm of bank robbers determined to make off with all the gold in their city’s bank. In each stage players need to perform specific swipes at the onscreen enemies in order to smote them with divine lightning which scores points and opens up opportunities to unleash huge combos. Style is key here, which means the more enemies you can take out in one move the better.


God Strike 2 is an energetic action arcade game with great physics based gameplay. You can pick it up now on Google Play for free with in app purchases.

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