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Epic 16-Bit Action RPG Crystal Picnic Makes A Splash On Android

Move Over Chrono Trigger

After having spent a considerable amount of time baking in the development oven on OUYA, indie developer Nooskewl’s awesome new action RPG Crystal Picnic has been cooked to perfection and is now being served up on Android and a variety of other platforms. This zany retro adventure is bursting at the seams with nostalgic game design that will take you back to the era of the SNES when good RPGs reigned supreme thanks to its excellent gameplay mechanics and authentic 16-bit visuals. Simply put, Crystal Picnic feels and plays like a long lost Squaresoft SNES game, a combination of Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day all rolled up into one delicious action RPG burrito.

crystal1 crystal2

Crystal Picnic’s story is light hearted and irreverent but still manages to be very imaginative while never failing to put a smile on the players face. It follows the misadventures of two anthropomorphized best friends as they set off on an epic quest to save the animal kingdom from super powered ants with bazookas. Along the way they’ll explore towns, collect loot, level up their stats, play fun mini-games, and engage in addicting sidescrolling combat reminiscent of an RPG reinterpretation of Super Smash Bros. The real time battle sequences are an absolute blast and are sure to win over RPG wary gamers who usually steer clear of turn based skirmishes like the plague.

There are very few games out there made with as much heart and passion for video game history as Crystal Picnic. You can pick Crystal Picnic up for your Android device now on Google Play for $2.74 in addition to it being available on OUYA, Amazon Fire TV, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It’s also on Steam Greenlight and could really use your help in getting greenlit, so please be sure to go to this link and cast a vote for Crystal Picnic if you have a moment to spare.


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