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Crafty FPS Hybrid Block Fortress Builds Its Way Onto Android

Indie developer Foursaken Media’s fan favorite first person shooter Block Fortress hit iOS way back in early 2013 and at the time was critically hailed for its seamless amalgamation of the ‘crafting, shooter, and tower defense genres that made it more than just the sum of its parts. It’s been a long wait, but it seems that the patience of Android gamers has finally paid off as Block Fortress has just made landfall on Google Play with all its charming genre bending qualities intact.

Although on its face Block Fortress might seem to resemble Minecraft a bit too strongly look a little bit deeper and you’ll find that Block Fortress is a very different kind of game, one that I would argue is more fun since it’s got a much greater focus on the action side of things. At its core, Block Fortress is essentially a tower defense game. A tower defense game with awesome horde mode shooter action and deeply layered crafting mechanics, but a tower defense game none the less.

blockfortress2 blockfortress23

In Block Fortress players must defend their own uniquely constructed base from a mob of ravenous pixel creatures known as Goblocks. There’s a mind boggling amount of ways to do this as the player has many different block types at their disposal such as the classic machine gun turret which lends a great feeling of freedom to the proceedings rarely found in mobile shoot ’em ups. Different game modes like survival and sandbox coupled with the ability to download user created levels allows players to experience the game how they want, an experience that can also be shared with friends over both local and global multiplayer.


If you’re tired of all the zombie shooters out there and are looking for an FPS that’s a little more stimulating, Block Fortress is just the ticket. You can pick it up now on Google Play for $1.99.

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