Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by James Maxwell


It’s Good To Be Bad In Fiendish New Tower Sim DevilWorks

DevilWorks is a new game from Moitititi, the indie developer behind one of the most surprisingly addictive games I have ever played – MinuteQuest. What was even more surprising to me was just how much this new release manages to be even more addictive than its predecessor!

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DevilWorks is a crazy combination of Tiny Towers, those rapid tapping ‘economy’ games, and even Tamagotchi. You’ll be building up your own army of monsters that you’ll put into your tower. You’ll feed these monsters, train them, and send them out to raid villages to earn coins that can be used for various upgrades – like new floors for your tower, increased tapping speed, or goodies that will help out your minions in a variety of ways.


It’s a simple concept but damn is it ever addicting. DevilWorks is a game that’ll be keeping me busy for hours to come with its charming pixel art and great retro sensibilities. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play, so go download it and be the best dungeon keeper you can be!

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