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Blast Processing Returns In New 3D Platform Racer Speed Blazers

An awesome new high octane platformer by the name of Speed Blazers has arrived on the scene with slick side scrolling gameplay mechanics that’ll knock your socks off. Created by indie developer Fraktalvoid, Speed Blazers was originally released on iOS back in 2012 but is now available on Android in all its charming over the top glory.

This gorgeous 3D sidescroller effortlessly mixes together a hodge podge of gameplay genres like racing, extreme sports, and physics platformers in order to make what can only be described as Sonic The Hedgehog meets SSX Tricky. In fact if you’ve ever played either of the Sonic Rivals games on PSP you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Speed Blazers.

speedblazers2 speedblazers23

After choosing from one of 8 unique anime inspired characters players strap on their “sonic particle blades” and zoom down a multi-lane racetrack while pulling off sweet special moves hundreds of feet in the air. The action is very fast and Sonic like but still does enough to differentiate itself from the blue blur by placing a greater emphasis on verticality and pulling off cool tricks. Players can even sabotage their racing opponents by actually tricking on top of their head for a speed boost, which is always an amusing sight.


Speed Blazers is a terrific platformer hybrid in the vein of Sonic The Hedgehog that still holds up today. You can pick it up now on Google Play for about a buck.

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