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Fight The Future In New Sci-Fi Puzzle RPG Star Clash

Confession time: I’ve never much cared for puzzle fighting games. However, an awesome new arcade puzzle fighter mashup by the name of Star Clash has recently arrived on the scene and it may just be slowly changing my mind on the subject. As the debut title from indie studio Jonathan Powell Productions, Star Clash does a notable job of distinguishing itself from its peers by subverting the archetypal match-3 formula in favor of a more mobile minded connect the dots meets Final Fantasy’s active time battle system gameplay mechanic. As one of many excellently animated anime characters players will engage in puzzle based combat to the death with fearsome killer robots from the future that can only be defeated by stringing together some sweet combos.

starclash starclash1

After each battle players can use the experience gained to level up their character and equipment for future battles against the bots. There’s a wonderfully engaging flow to the action not found in most contemporary puzzlers due to the fact that you’re not just trying to solve some spatial conundrum, you’re fighting for your characters very life in a twisted game of connect the dots! Players need to rapidly create 2D constructs out of sporadically appearing points on screen then execute a special gesture based move to either fling the shape at opponents or absorb its energy into their gear. There are tons of unlockable characters and arenas to find too, which when coupled with the stat based upgrade system serves to give the proceedings a subtle rpg vibe.


A fantastic and unique action oriented puzzle rpg, Star Clash dares to try something a little different and succeeds with flying colors. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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