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Boogey Boy Review

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!

Endless runners are a dime a dozen nowadays, so if you’re going to release a new entry into the genre you darn well better make sure it does something different to set itself apart from the clone army of runners currently ravaging the mobile gaming landscape. Thankfully, indie developer Goon Studio’s terrific new arcade runner Boogey Boy accomplishes this with ease due to its nuanced gameplay and high quality visual presentation that deliver quite the bang for your buck.

A fully 3D side scroller that’s absolutely oozing with personality, Boogey Boy sports a surprising amount of imaginative game design and just enough depth to appeal to hardcore gamers without alienating anyone with unfair difficulty. Great graphics, challenging old school style platforming, and an engaging story that will keep you playing just to see what kind of crazy stuff pops up next make Boogey Boy one of the best endless runners in recent memory.

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As you may have guessed from the title, Boogey Boy is a stylized side scrolling adventure about those things that go bump in the night. Except in this case they’re more than just noises as a horde of nightmarish and creatively designed ghouls have kidnapped the protagonists sister and it’s up to players to face their worst fears in order to make it through a twisted dreamscape full of creepy creatures that want to eat you for lunch. These monsters can be dispatched with a simple shine from a flashlight, but first our hero must run and jump his way through perilous vertical focused levels in search of the batteries he’ll need to fight back or else he’ll be stuck dreaming forever.

While most endless runners are extremely simple “jump over obstacle, repeat” affairs, Boogey Boy injects a surprising amount of gameplay into the proceedings with highly varied level design and a wide swathe of power ups to collect. Each stage has you running away from its own unique boogeyman who will surely catch you unless you can collect and keep enough stars to boost your speed and get away, but that won’t exactly be easy as getting hit by any of the lesser enemies will cause you to lose your stars Sonic The Hedgehog style and slow down. Between the multi-tiered platforms, multiple power ups, and unique enemies Boogey Boy has alot more to offer than your average runner.


Boogey Boy is a beautifully addicting platforming runner than stands heads and shoulders above its peers. It’s also available now on Google Play for $1.99 without an iap in sight.

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Boogey Boy Review Craig Forshey

Final Verdict

Summary: With all the yawn-inducing endless runners out there, it's a breath of fresh air to play a game as polished and fun as Boogey Boy.



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