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Physics Puzzler daWindci Deluxe Leisurely Blows Onto Android

One of the most unique games on iTunes has finally arrived on Android after a long wait, but it hasn’t come empty handed. No, quite the opposite in fact. You see, before they brought it over indie developer MiMiMi Productions saw fit to go back and retool their already award winning iOS physics game daWindci from the ground up for its grand entrance onto the Google Play store, resulting in a definitive new edition called daWindci Deluxe that sports a slew of new enhancements to help make up for the wait.

A relaxing physics game that at times can feel like a more artistic version of Marble Madness, daWindci Deluxe is a gorgeous gesture based puzzler that puts players in direct control of the elements like wind and lightning. They’ll need it, as the goal of each world is to guide a fragile hot air balloon across the perils of each level in search of hidden treasures and the only way to do that is blow the balloon about with gusts of winds drawn by your finger.

dawindci2 dawindci22

The Android version of daWindci has some spiffy new graphical effects too like enhanced particle effects and better textures to give it that shiny new game feel. There’s also been a complete overhaul to the level design, so if even you’ve played daWindci back when it first came out on iPhone there’s still plenty of reason to check it out this time around.


Relaxing, intuitive, and fun, daWindci Deluxe is available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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