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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #60 Sunday Edition

Welcome to a very special late Sunday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, a sidescrolling platformer, or just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Wednesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and also be featured on our front page for an entire week!

lineBilumin from Thingy Games

Indie developer Thingy Games’ addicting new arcade puzzler Bilumin manages the rare feat of being both simultaneously intense and oddly relaxing. Maybe it’s the positively jamming soundtrack, the simple yet intuitive gameplay, or the minimalistic graphics, but whatever the case Bilumin is a perfect way to calm your nerves on the go.



Block Star from Digital Distractions

A hard as nails mashup between oldschool platforming and brain twisting puzzle gameplay, Block Star does the 2D sidescroller right. The level design in Block Star is fantastic, the graphics are nostalgic, and the tunes are catchy, but that’s not why we recommend Block Star. No, that’d be because it sidesteps the usual problems associated with touchscreen platforming by using acceleromoter based controls that work with the player rather than against.

blockstar1 blockstar2


Booffland from 4toon Studio

This terrific new 3D platformer from indie developer 4toon Studios plays like a delicious amalgamation of every classic sidescroller throughout video game history. Mostly Mario with a hint of Rayman, Booffland is a straightforward oldschool platformer that concentrates on delivering a fun overall challenge rather than relying on any one gimmick. Be prepared for all those classic platforming traps you’ve come to love/hate like moving ledges, disappearing blocks, and crazy looking space pirate enemies with flames shooting out of their heads that you need to stomp on.

booffland booffland2


Brave Thief from TOK

From the developer behind the fiendishly addicting Sausage Dog Diving comes another awesome ultra simple skill game called Brave Thief that puts a new spin on a popular genre. Brave Thief takes the Flappy Bird formula and injects it with retro runner platforming to create a play style that actually makes sense in the endless context for once. Players control a robber on the run from his latest heist as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop with well timed double jumps.



Daddy Long Legs from Set Snail

If you’re looking for a game that has the ability to simultaneously delight and infuriate you, look no further than indie developer Set Snail’s oddly enchanting new physics runner Daddy Long Legs. All players have to do here is help a young spider learn how to walk by putting one monstrously long foot in front of the other, but this is easier said than done. Successfully timing your footsteps will allow players to set crazy records and unlock cool achievements, whereas the slightest misstep will send your spider friend crashing to the ground.

daddylonglegs1 daddylonglegs2


daWindci Deluxe from MiMiMi Productions

One of the most unique games on iTunes has finally arrived on Android after a long wait, but it hasn’t come empty handed. No, quite the opposite in fact. You see, before they brought it over indie developer MiMiMi Productions saw fit to go back and retool their already award winning iOS physics game daWindci from the ground up for its grand entrance onto the Google Play store, resulting in a definitive new edition called daWindci Deluxe that sports a slew of new enhancements to help make up for the wait.

dawindci22 dawindci


Dementia: Book of the Dead from AGaming+

If there’s one genre of game that Android would benefit from having more of it’s horror games, so when a fascinating and mezmerising new survival horror shooter called Dementia: Book Of The Dead popped up we just had to take a look. Powered by the latest in Unity 3D tech, Dementia looks absolutely stunning and delivers a gloomy brooding atmosphere rarely seen on Android that sucks the player into its world. In order to survive each level players will either need to sneak by or destroy an army of nightmarish and well rendered creatures.

dementiabook dementiabook2


Easy Street from Rikard Swahn

Essentially The Sims for hardcore gamers, indie developer Rikard Swahn’s intriguing meta-life strategy sim Easy Street has the strange ability to make living a normal life fun. How does it do that you ask? By making it a game of course! After setting a specific set of life goals in mind players will race against either friends or the AI to make as comfortable life for their avatar as possible by any means necessary.

easystreet easystreet2


Escape The Hellevator! from Fezziwig Games

Indie developer Fezziwig Games sure knows how to make their games memorable. Case in point: Their incredible debut adventure horror title Escape The Hellevator!, a nightmarish puzzle fueled descent into madness. This campy and highly stylized mystery will have players escaping from a series of haunted rooms, each with their own horrifying discovery that advances the plot forward toward its maddening end.

escapehellevator escapehellevator2


FAT BEETS from Giant Evil Robot

At first glance, you’d think music games like Dance Dance Revolution and old school puzzlers like Tetris wouldn’t work well together in a game, but you’d be wrong. The prime example? Indie studio Giant Evil Robot’s fantastically addicting new hybrid music puzzler FAT BEETS, the prodigal lovechild of Columns and Guitar Hero. Like most puzzlers players need to clear the board away by matching like objects together, but the twist here is everything must be done in time with the DDR style music track playing across the top of the screen which makes for some memorable gameplay.

fatbeets1 fatbeets2


FRANK in the HOLE from very FAT HAMSTER

A valiant attempt at adapting platforming controls to a more mobile friendly style, Frank In The Hole is a fun new sidescroller that’s all about gameplay and level design rather than looks. Instead of virtual gamepad controls Frank In The Hole utilizes a full screen 6 button setup for its precision platforming in order to deliver a novel approach to sidescrolling. It takes a little bit of getting used to at first, but once your settled in you’ll begin to appreciate Frank In The Hole’s way of doing things.

frankinthehole frankinthehole2


Insomnia: Of Sheep and Man from Solipsoid Software

If you happen to have trouble sleeping at night, you may be surprised to know that it’s because all the sheep you’re supposed to be counting in your dreams keep getting murdered by demon possessed zombie sheep. Well now with indie developer Solipsoid Software’s terrific new arcade puzzler Insomnia: Of Sheep and Man you can finally do something about it. This addicting gesture based virtual shepherding game has players guiding their herd of sleep sheep home by flicking them out of harms way and into their snuggly safe pen. Charming atmosphere and engaging gameplay make Insomnia: Of Sheep and Man a keeper.

insomnia insomnia2


Jengra from Mad Machine

Imagine Asteroids, Lunar Lander, and Space Invaders all got stuck in the same teleporter and came out the other end as a new game, and you might have some idea of what to expect from Jengra. An old school arcade shooter with a twist, Jengra tasks players with blasting away at alien fighters and surviving the deep cold of space all the while struggling to maintain control over a badly outdated exploration capsule. The amount of control players have over the ships movement might seem like a bit much to the point of being unwieldy at first, but that’s so that it can leave room open for fine acts of flying finesse.

jengra jengra2


Laserbreak Laser Puzzle from errorsevendev

The engaging new physics puzzler Laserbreak from independent studio errorsevendev is one of those games that draws you in without you even noticing it. Players must aim a giant oversized laser at a target using their wits and tricky tools like mirrors, a much harder task that it sounds. Laserbreak is a great puzzler that does a fantastic job of keeping its level design varied and its gameplay fresh.

laserbreak laserbreak2


Light In The Dark from Dreamgate Studios

Transitioning from from lasers to light beams we turn to a cheerfully vibrant new puzzler that takes a different approach called Light In The Dark from indie dev Dreamgate Studios. As an intrepid tomb raider players must help the mystical totems they’ve disturbed disperse their light throughout the sarcophagous in order to find their magical offspring. This leads to addicting art based gameplay where light physics and color wheels collide.

lightinthedark lightinthedark2


Octagon from Flow Studio

A trippy 3D platform runner with insane gameplay and psychedelic visuals, Octagon takes the runner genre into the third dimension and beyond. Players must roll their way through a perilous 8 sided tube in space without falling off due to its bizarre gravity system. You’ll need to master your reflexes and think on your feet if you want to make it in this awesome minimalist arcade runner.

Octagon_screenshot_5 Octagon_screenshot_3


Oh No! Turret Alert from Nelvana Digital

Traditionally kid friendly games have been invariably associated with a loss of fun factor due to their tendency to focus on edu-tainment style gameplay so it’s always nice when a cool new game appears on the scene that the entire family can legitimately enjoy. The latest example of this being developer Nelvana Digital’s great new arcade shooter Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion Turret Alert, or just Turret Alert for short, a vibrant callback to oldschool cabinets like Time Crisis and House Of The Dead. Based on an outlandish children’s show called Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion, Turret Alert casts players as one of three butt kicking kids as they defend the earth from some pesky aliens using an arsenal of nonviolent weapons.

turretalert23 turretalert


Paper Pig from myErTha

Whereas most endless runners try to ape the gameplay mechanics of classic sidescrollers the novel new swine based runner Paper Pig from indie developer myErTha pulls from a more obscure source, namely Space Harrier with just a hint of Flappy Bird. Players must tap and flap their way through a dense jungle at high speed while never touching the ground or colliding with the local foliage. Luckily there are additional playable pig characters to unlock and they all do some really neat stuff to completely switch the gameplay up. Paper Pig is a really fun game with some great ideas.

paperpig paperpig2


R.G.B. from Invictus Games

Indie developer Invictus Games’ addicting new puzzle runner hybrid R.G.B. operates on a simple yet awesome core premise. Players control three different colored runners simultaneously as they run down a track with constantly shifting color designs the runners have to mimic or else its game over. If you’ve ever wished your favorite runner was a little bit more of a thinking mans game R.G.B. is for you.



Ride The Bullet from RadJor

Out of all the games on this list, i’ve probably spent the most time playing the highly engaging new anti-runner Ride The Bullet. In what can only be described as a weird mashup of Max Payne’s bullet time mode and your typical runner, Ride The Bullet challenges players with controlling a bullet in mid flight as it zips along the level taking out bad guys for extra points and power ups. The gameplay is really addicting and the varied level design provides a steady stream of interesting new challenges.



Rotate Around from Affinity Games

A unique new arcade game that doesn’t quite fall into either the runner or puzzle category, indie developer Affinity Games’ minimalist action romp Rotate Around revolves around a straightforward concept but provides big gameplay. Players control an arrow racing around 3 concentric rings that are being sporadically patrolled by bad guys that will end the game if they run into you. That’s why you’ve got to be quick to jump back and forth between the rings in addition to making the most of any powerups you get like a Pac-Man style one that lets you run over any enemies in your path.

rotatearound rotatearound2


Salt & Pepper from Appdore LLC

Ultra minimal puzzle design and physics collide in this outrageously addicting new puzzler from independent studio Appdore. The goal is simple, as white and black dots fall from the sky players must draw platforms to guide them to their corresponding bowl in order to complete the level, but successfully accomplishing that is easier said than done. Salt & Pepper is a terrific new physics puzzler that any puzzle aficionado will enjoy.



Sgt Pogohops from Hut Beach

In the battlefield of the future one weapon reigns supreme, the dreaded pogo stick! Join Sgt Pogohops in this wacky sidescrolling physics platformer from indie developer Hut Beach as he hops and pops his way across active war zones. Players will need to master their jump length and trajectory in order to maneuver past all the obstacles in his way which is no simple task but players able to overcome their lack of pogo proficiency will unlock some cool new additional modes.

sgtpogohop sgtpogohop2


Slide to Finish from Anton Shatalov

This charming new physics platformer from indie dev Anton Shatalov easily stands out from the crowd thanks to its creative play style and endearing graphics. Players must help a group of animal best buds get through each level unscathed, but rather than control them directly players will instead draw a course for them to sled on which makes for some really cool gameplay scenarios. There’s even some light puzzle elements tightly interwoven within the platforming in order to give each level an extra kick.

slidetofinish1 slidetofinish2


The Nightmare Cooperative from Lucky Frame

From the same indie studio behind Gentlemen! comes a brand new rogue-like puzzle rpg called The Nightmare Coopoerative that’s bursting at the seams with replay opportunities. Dungeon crawling and loot are the name of the game of course, but the twist here is that players must control an entire party at the same time as they move as one through the deadly puzzle mazes. Every dungeon and playthrough is randomly generated as well, so no two games are ever the same.



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