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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #61

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have a way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, balls to the wall racer, or good old fashioned beat ‘em up SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and also be featured on our front page for an entire week!


99 Problems from Mamau

Life is filled with problems. Finishing your school paper, getting to work on time, paying the bills, and lord knows what else. If you just don’t seem to have enough to deal with on your own Mamau has brought you 99 more problems – each of which are blocks.

99 Problems is a minimalistic jumping game that consists of 99 challenging levels. By tapping on the screen you’ll move vertically through these levels with your goal being to simply avoid all of the blocks in your way. Okay, I did say ‘simply’, but the game is anything but. This is one tough game, but it’s fun gameplay and minimalistic design will keep you coming back for more punishment time and time again.

99 Problems is a brilliant new minimalistic jumping game that is an absolute must download. Grab it from Google Play today for the low price of free!



Auro from Dinofarm Games

From the developer Dinofarm Games, the studio behind 100 rogues, comes an innovative new strategy rpg called Auro that takes bumping in line to a whole new level. In addition to its charming graphics and impressive feature set Auro injects something called “Bump Tactics” into the genre that puts a whole new spin on proceedings. Not only can players dispatch enemies with the usual assortment of attacks and spells, but they can also be shoved straight off the level map itself which never ceases to be hilarious.



Balance from Paul Zin

Balance is a challenging new minimalistic physics-puzzler that’s all about, well… balance. You take control of a small red ball that sits balanced atop a bigger blue ball. Your goal is to reach the sparkling ball at the end of each stage by staying as balanced as possible – and this is easier said than done. Pressing on either side of the screen will roll your ball in that direction and succeeding in each stage requires some precision balancing. Pressing too much is sure to lead to an imbalance – and in turn to the restarting of the level.  However, with enough perseverance and focus you’ll be able to solve each and every one of Balance’s tricky levels.

Balance is a challenging physics-puzzler that fans of the genre absolutely must give a whirl. Download it for free from Google Play today.

balance1 balance2


Cardinal Quest 2 from Tametick

If you’re a fan of rogue-like RPGs there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard of Cardinal Quest. The first game has appeared in several indie game bundles since it’s release and it has made a name for itself due to it’s fun gameplay, great pixel-art style, and punishing difficulty.

Cardinal Quest 2 looks to continue in it’s predecessors footsteps –  and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. The gameplay and graphics have seen some improvements, but the core game is very much similar to that found in Cardinal Quest 1. The biggest change you’ll surely notice is that Cardinal Quest 2 has ditched the one-time-purchase-price utilized by the first game and has jumped onto the ever so popular freemium bandwagon instead.

Whether you like the idea of freemium gaming or not it’s hard not to argue that Cardinal Quest 2 is one heck of an awesome game. With six different classes to choose from,  over 150 achievements to unlock, three different acts to conquer, a unique morale system, and some of the best roguelike gameplay around, you’d be more than a little hard pressed to find a game half as engaging as Cardinal Quest 2.  Download it today for free from Google Play!



Cosmophony from Bento-Studio

A high octane rythym shooter with a touch of endless runner, Cosmophony is built with the drum ‘n bass adrenaline junky in mind. As the heart of a fallen goddess, it’s up to players to blast and maneuver their way through a psychedelic tunnel filled with trippy visuals at high speed while they jam out to a 100% original soundtrack by artist DJ Salaryman. Mesmerizing high definition graphics running at an eye bleeding 60 fps provides a proper backdrop to the audio extravaganza.

cosmophony1 cosmophony


GravityLine from Gravitapp

GravityLine is a beautifully designed gravity-switching arcade platformer. Your goal is simple enough: don’t hit any obstacles or fly off the screen. However, being successful is anything but simple. You’ll need fast reflexes and some serious patience if you hope to set yourself a nice high score in GravityLine.

In GravityLine you take control of a deadly bacteria, HEB (Huge Evil Bacteria), that is safely contained in a bubble.  Unfortunately bubbles aren’t the most resilient things in the world so you’ll need to think quickly to avoid any obstacles that get in your way. You’re given not only control over gravity but you also must control which side of said path the bacteria is attached to. It’s a bit of a mind-bender, but it’s vital that you succeed. The world’s fate lies in your hands!

GravityLine is a gorgeous fast-paced arcade game that shouldn’t be missed out on. Download it today from Google Play for the infectious low price of free!

gravityline1 gravityline2


Havoc Heroes from Bit Breakers

This terrific new endless runner blends together 2D RPG action with old school platforming to create an addicting play style that is sure to evoke nostalgia. As a super heroic warrior on an epic quest it’s up to players to fight their way through a horde of medieval enemies that each pose their own unique threat and must be dealt with differently. Fortunately there’s also a bunch of cool power ups players can find like the ability to call forth a squad of soldiers for backup that help even the odds!

havochereoes havochereoes2


Into the Darkness from Malang Studio

Although Into The Darkness’s gloomy story about a soul trapped in hell may sound slightly offputting at first, its gorgeous graphics and thrilling stealth based puzzle action will quickly put any such thoughts to rest. As the aformentioned soul it’s up to players to traverse the underworld in search of redemption as they solve tricky puzzles while sneaking around right under the nose of wandering demons. Combining the stealth and puzzle genres works really well here as both are given proper attention.

intothedarkness intothedarkness2


Johnny Scraps Clash of Dimensions from Immersive Douro

From indie developer Immersive Douro comes a charming new isometric brawler about an effacious equine called Johnny Scraps Clash Of Dimensions that’s been modeled after the best of arcade beat ’em ups. When an evil genius mastermind threatens to conquer the planet an unexpected defender rises to the challenge, an unassuming pig with a penchant for kicking butt. It’s up to players to fight through history and lay the smack down on hordes of bizarre enemies in this eccentric new brawler.



Kufu-Man from ROBOT Communications

Kufu-Man is an awesome new boss-battling platformer that has seen some obvious inspiration from the classic Mega Man series. It all starts in the year 2XXX – a year in which the world is being ruled by robots. Not too surprisingly these robots have gone bad – but thankfully there’s one cat-like robot that may just be able to put an end to this tyranny…Kufu-Man!

Kufu-Man was clearly inspired by Mega Man, but there’s one thing that separates the two – Kufu-Man is strictly boss fights. There are no more troublesome platforming sections to worry about – just fight after fight of challenging boss battles. And worry not, like in Mega Man you still absorb each bosses’ skills after you defeat them. The more you play the more you powers unlock and the more you powers unlock the crazier things are going to get!

Kufu-Man is a fantastic throwback to the Mega Man series that shouldn’t be missed out on by any retro gaming fan. Download it today for free from Google Play!



Lethal RPG from Benjamin Webb

Lethal RPG is an epic turn-based RPG that follows the story of Lethal (hence the game’s name) and his team of warrior companions as they traverse the game’s huge fantasy world. As you traverse through the games 50 story quests you’ll enter into a lot of truly engaging turn-based battles with a selection of the game’s 8 playable characters – each of which has their own unique abilities, weapons, and armour. Earn materials from defeated enemies and bosses and use it to craft powerful new armour and weaponry.

Gamers looking for a solid turn-based RPG should definitely give Lethal RPG a look!

LethalRPG1 LethalRPG2


The Maze Runner from AFOLI Games

The Maze Runner from AFOLI Games is a beautiful new minimalistic puzzle-platformer that’s quite unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. Your goal seems simple enough: direct your runner to the end of each stage by rearranging the order of the rooms that lay before him. You may have to put a doorway in front of him, place a ladder in his way, or maybe just ensure that he doesn’t walk into a hall filled with flames. The gameplay is ever-changing and as you play more new and exciting elements get added that will surely test your logical thinking skills.

The Maze Runner is an incredibly unique puzzle platformer that anyone looking for a bit of a brain bender must check out right away. Download it today for free from Google Play!



Page Flipper from 3F Factory

Page Flipper from 3F Factory is a truly beautiful new casual arcade game that is one heck of a lot of fun. You take control of an adorable little character that just so happens to find him/herself trapped inside an ever-flipping book. Luckily for you each page in this book has a hole in it and if you get to it before the page falls down you’ll live to see another day… err… page. Along the way you’ll have to collect little golden cubes to increase your score and unlock new characters to play as.

Page Flipper is a beautiful fast-paced casual arcade game that no mobile gamer should be without. You’re sure to flip over the price too – it’s free! Head over to Google Play right now and start playing this gem right away.



Polybreak from Ookpik Games

It’s not hard to come across brick breaker games on Android, but it is hard to come across one quite as well made and unique as Polybreak from Ookpik Games. There are a few things that make Polybreak stand out as unique though – it’s innovative controls, great minimalist art style, and it’s two fun game modes: Classic and Runs. Classic gives you a life limit and you must try to break all the bricks without losing those lives. Runs throws the life limit out the window and pits you against ten levels that must be completed as quickly as possible. Both modes are quite a lot of fun and should scratch any brick breaking itch mobiles gamers may have.

Fans of brick breaking games would be silly not to check out Polybreak. It’s great visuals, easy to use controls, and fun gameplay modes make it stand out as one of the best in the genre. Head over to Google Play and download the free demo or grab the full game for just $0.99.



Pumpkin Menace from Spaceman Games & De La Pomme Entertainment

Every year for Halloween people both young and old go out to get pumpkins for the annual Jack-O’-Lantern carve. However, things are going to be different this year. The pumpkins at Ridgefield Farm have finally hit their breaking point from year after year of unnecessary mutilation – and they’re out for revenge!

Pumpkin Menace places you in the shoes of an unlucky chap that has stumbled onto Ridgefield Farm at the beginning of the pumpkin uprising. You must run away from these pumpkins for as long as possible while earning points each time a new one joins in on your pursuit.

Pumpkin Menace is a fun arcade dodge’em game with a fantastic retro art design that mobile gamers should definitely check out. Download it from Google Play today for the hauntingly low price of free!

pumpkin1 pumpkin2


Rally from Pixel Perfect Dude

There used to be a time back in the early days of video gaming when sports games like Golf and Tennis didn’t bother with any of the fancy nomenclature that we fuss about nowadays and simply named themselves after whatever particular past time they happened to be recreating. Indie developer Pixel Perfect Dude’s exhilarating new racing game Rally follows in this fine tradition by bringing nostalgic 90’s style gameplay to mobile under a no-nonsense banner that tells gamers exactly what’s in the tin. A full 3D racer with great graphics and realistic physics, Rally is sure to please many a Colin McCrae fan.

rtg1 rtg2


Run Chicken Run from Haraldur Þrastarson

Indie developer and previous round-up winner Haraldur Prastarson is back with a great new old school sidescroller called Run Chicken Run that essentially takes Flappy Bird and turns it into a platformer. Oh, and it also throws in giant spinning buzzsaws, bottomless chasms, and highly smashable pumpkins into the mix in order to spice things up a bit. A simple but fun oldschool sidescroller that gamers of all ages can enjoy, Run Chicken Run is available now for free.



Run Rob Run from Marc Greiff

Just like movie based video games, video games that feature celebrities don’t tend to do very well. Luckily, indie dev Marc Greiff’s hilariously addicting new endless runner does a terrific job of bucking this trend with charming retro graphics and intense procedurally generated gameplay. As the legally embattled mayor “Rob”, it’s up to players to run from the fuzz while drinking as much beer as possible without running face first into a wall. Bonus points for kegs!



Space Beats Saga from Firebird Games

This challenging new dodge ’em up from independent studio Firebird Games exudes a level of polish and finesse not often found in its genre contemporaries. In Space Beats Saga players must pilot a space ship through increasingly more complex wave fields without getting vaporized or veering off course. If they can manage to keep from being de-atomized players will be able to take advantage of the situation and collect lucrative floating powerups in order to achieve the ultimate high score.



SpyCube from Mainmint

SpyCube from Mainmint is an interesting mix of arcade gameplay with stealth gameplay ala Metal Gear Solid. You must make it to the end of each of the game’s stages, and like in Metal Gear Solid, doing so successfully means you must stay out of the enemies’ field of view. As you progress deeper into the game you’ll encounter new challenging obstacles and your patience is sure to be tested more often than you might have expected.

Spy Cube is a brilliant new stealth based arcade game that no mobile gamer should be without. Download it from Google Play today for free!

spycube1 spycube2


Super Penguin from WLewis

I don’t really know why but I have always had a place in my heart for falldown games. Something about the simple gameplay found in the genre is always endlessly addictive – so when I stumbled upon Super Penguin I was more than a little excited. Super Penguin is just that – a falldown game. You’ll be dropping your adorable pixelated penguin through an endless number of platforms as you aim to go deeper than you have ever gone before. Super Penguin adds plenty more to the formula though by throwing in a very complex upgrade system. As you play you’ll collect coins that can be used to buy new abilities, new power-ups, and a whole whack of other upgrades. There’s a tonne to unlock which ensures you’ll be keep coming back for more falldown action time and time again.

Super Penguin is one of the best falldown games I have played on Google Play and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the genre. Download it today for free from Google Play!



Tap Mon from Magic Cube

Tap Mon is a bit of a strange game to describe. Essentially it’s a monster collecting game. By quickly tapping on eggs you’ll make them hatch and add whatever lays inside to your collection of adorable animals. Every 15 minutes you are granted a new egg and if you tap it the EXACT number of times you’ll unlock the new animal inside. Tap one too many times and… well, that’s no good. Animals don’t like being tapped you see… at least not immediately.

If you like collecting animals/monsters you’ll have a good time with Tap Mon. It isn’t a game that will keep you captivated for hours on end but if you’re looking for a game to load up a couple times throughout the day you’ll get some real enjoyment out of Tap Mon.



Techno Dash from Hammerwing Studios

What would happen if you were to cross Star Fox with an endless runner? Well you’d end up with Techno Dash, independent developer Hammerwing Studios’ gorgeous new 3D dodge ’em up. This intense arcade game puts players behind the cockpit of an advanced fighter craft as they rocket down a space tunnel at insane speeds collecting precious elements critical to humanity’s survival. There’s a steep learning curve which leads to punishing gameplay, but those that stick it out will be pleased at how expansive of an experience Techno Dash has to offer. The totally awesome original techno soundtrack that accompanies it aint half bad either!

technodash technodash2


VOID Hop from Slava Korzun

Indie developer Slava Korzun’s addicting minimalist runner VOID Hop puts a colorful new twist on the genre. As a microscopic particle bouncing its way through the universe players will need to ensure its continued existence by only bouncing on a matching color block lest they phase out of reality. This simple yet integral design change gives VOID Hop a uniquely interesting vibe.

VOIDhop1 VOIDhop2


Zombies Want My Pizza from CrimsonGreen Studios

The zombie apolcalypse has begun and they only want one thing… pizza! Wait, what? That’s right. These zombies have a taste for pizza and the only thing in their way is you – a normal gun toting dude that also happens to love pizza. It’s up to you to blast away at these filthy zombies and collect as much pizza as you can. You know… killing zombies is sure to make anyone hungry.

Zombies Want My Pizza is a fun shooting platformer with a great retro style that shouldn’t be missed. Download it from Google Play today for free!



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