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Long Awaited 16-bit RPG Epic Pier Solar Journeys Onto OUYA

If you’re the type of person who’s still playing Sega Genesis games in 2014 then you’ve no doubt heard of Pier Solar and the Great Architects. Although this nostalgic 16-bit RPG may look like the kind of game that would have come out during the heyday of JRPGs in the 90’s Pier Solar actually didn’t make its debut on Genesis until 2010, more than 15 years after the console’s official retirement. After its critically acclaimed debut requests rolled in for Pier Solar’s creator, indie developer WaterMelon, to port it to a myriad of other platforms which resulted in a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and the games eventual release on Ouya in this brand new remastered HD format.

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That’s right at long last JRPG fans can finally experience Pier Solar without the need for a 20 year old console and a hard to come by game cart. What’s more is this new version of Pier Solar comes with a ton of enhancements that unquestionably make it the definitive edition of the game thanks to its refined gameplay and swanky remastered graphics. At any time players can switch between old school Genesis style graphics and modern looking HD graphics which is a really neat effect. Much like classics such as Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy, Pier Solar is an epic turnbased RPG with incredible story and deep gameplay making it feel right at home with the 90’s era it seeks to emulate.


Pier Solar and the Great Architects is an awesome new RPG that brings back memories of Squaresoft at its zenith. You can pick Pier Solar up now on Ouya for $14.99.


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