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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #62 – Monday Edition

Although extenuating circumstances prevented the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up from debuting at it’s usual time, we would never let a week go by without keeping you guys up to speed on the best new indie Android games that you won’t find on those “other” sites out there. So with that in mind we’d like to welcome you to a super special late Monday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform.

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, balls to the wall shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Wednesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will also be featured on our front page for an entire week!


Atomic+ from Amidos

RPSwipe developer Amidos is back in action on Android with a fantastic new port of their critically acclaimed iOS dodge ’em up Atomic+. This twitch based anti-shooter is beautiful in its simplicity as players must avoid a never ending onslaught of pixels shooting out from the inside of an atom you happen to be orbiting. Chock in situation appropriate minamilistic graphics and some groovy tunes and you’ve got the recipe for one addicting game.

atomicplus atomicplus2


Balloon Gentleman from Silent Squire Games

Go on a whimsical steam punk adventure with Balloon Gentleman, a delightful new aviation centric physics platformer from upstart indie studio Silent Squire Games. As an eccentric but refined renaissance man it’s up to players to take to the skys in their precarious floating dirigible as they race against time to defeat the gentleman’s arch nemesis Fritz von Zepflug. With its intuitive controls, charming atmosphere, and addicting gameplay Balloon Gentleman is sure to float to the top of the charts.

baloongentlemen baloongentlemen2


Colorphile from Ondřej Klika

This deeply challenging new puzzler from indie developer Ondrej Klika hides brain bending puzzle gameplay beneath its unassuming veneer. Colorphile doesn’t exactly rewrite the book on puzzle games, but it more than makes up for that with its sheer amount of depth and advanced level of difficulty that are sure to appeal to veteran puzzle gamers. In order to solve each level players must slide each colored block into a corresponding slot, it wont be as easy as it sounds however as moving one block moves the rest of them all at the same time!



Duke Dashington from Adventure Islands

Easily one of the best new games this week, Duke Dashington is an awesome new oldschool platformer with a modern mobile twist. As the fearless explorer Duke Dashington it’s up to players to make their way through deadly trap filled tombs, only the catch here is that the only way Duke has of moving around the environment is by dashing which leads to some interesting puzzle-esque gameplay. It’s important to think ahead and formulate a strategy for each room, otherwise Duke might find himself taking a lava bath!

dukedashington2 dukedashington1


ElectroFingers from C.I.T.Y. Games

Having already released fantastic titles such as Cordis and hypsterco indie studio C.I.T.Y. Games is fast becoming a regular staple of the Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, a tradition that continues with its fascinating new mini-game collection Electro Fingers. A tongue-in-cheek riff on a relatively obscure MS-DOS game from the 90’s, ElectroFingers sees that games Duke Nukem esque hero decide to retire and let a fresh new face take up the butt kicking mantle. As that new trainee players must rapidly complete a series of Wario Ware style minigames but there’s a catch here that would make even Wario jealous, players also have to solve multiple mini-games at the same time which makes things quite a bit harder.



EXONUS from Dale Penlington

From the indie developer behind the hit noir adventure game The Silence Dale Penlington comes a brand new sidescroller called EXONUS that combines physics based puzzle gameplay with thought provoking design. Unlike most platformers where players directly control the onscreen character players instead must actively manipulate the environment in order to aid his escape otherwise he’ll perish in one of the games many hilariously gruesome deaths. If you like a little more thought put into your platformer, definitely give EXONUS a go.

exonus exonus2


Flash: The Space Bear from Bearonautic Games

Indie developer Bearonautic Games’ addicting new space shooter Flash: The Space Bear combines progressive gameplay and mobile friendly controls into one family friendly package. As an intrepid intergalactic bear it’s up to players to explore the cosmos in search of unknown worlds and creatures. It won’t be easy though so players will need to make sure they rack up a lot of points so they can customize their ship with powerful abilities that completely change the gameplay.



Goat Slayer from Effen Games

We all know it, so i’m just going to come right out and say it. Goats are pure evil. Don’t be fooled by their cuddly looks and innocent “baa”s, these heartless creatures exist only to cause destruction. This is the terrifying alternate reality set forth in indie developer Effen Games’ eccentric new retro runner Goat Slayer. As the lone survivor of a village that was destroyed by goats, it’s up to players to set out for revenge against the furry mammals by taking as many out as you can while fleeing your village. This adds a neat twist to the typical runner formula by encouraging players to actually run into enemies rather than avoiding them or jumping on their heads.

goatslayer goatslayer2


Goblin Quest: Escape! from BotBite Industries

Botbite Industries’ awesome Ouya rpg Goblin Quest: Escape! has arrived on Android in all its dungeon crawling glory. This award winning action adventure game sports novel gameplay, console quality graphics, and a ton of personality. Goblin Quest: Escape! stands out from the competition due to its ingenious non-combat system that requires players to outsmart enemies rather than attack them directly.

goblinquest goblinquest2


Hyper Cat from Cycleplay

This adorable new twitch arcade runner from indie studio Cycleplay hits the trifecta for nostalgia with the triple threat combination of pixel graphics, addicting one-touch gameplay, and of course lots and lots of silly cats. Players will need to help a hyperactive feline get to the top of a never ending tree by tapping to make him jump out of the way of oncoming branches and pounce on any unsuspecting birds that happen to fly by. There’s a bunch of extras to unlock too, yet another reason why Hyper Cat is the cat’s meow.



Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition from Tabemasu Games

Indie developer Tabemasu Games wacky arcade game Kawaii Killer is back with even more addicting swipe based action. This new version of Kawaii Killer, dubbed the Plushy Edition, is a more family friendly affair as it swaps out the cartoon gore of its predecessor for aesthetically similar stuffed animal destruction while still keeping all the terrific gameplay intact. As a lone huntsman who’s been surrounded by a pack of vicious woodland critters players will have to fight for their life by swiping, tapping, and otherwise gesturing at their furry opponents for maximum cute damage.

kawaiikiller kawaiikiller2


Kiti Cat from Dan Black

Indie developer Dan Black’s charming new physics platformer Kiti Cat combines challenging gameplay with great graphics for a fun mobile adventure game. In this 3D platformer players must help a brave young feline roll a ball of yarn to the end of each level, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s because this particular kitty is hundreds of miles up in the air on floating pathways and one wrong move means he’ll have to learn how to fly in a hurry. That’s alright though, cats have 9 lives so he’ll be fine.

kiticat kiticat2


KittyJumpr from PixelPub

It may not look like it, but indie studio PixelPub’s new minamilistic ode to leaping cats KittyJumpr is actually a tough as nails endless platformer. The idea is simple, as a baddie orbits a planet it’s up to players to make sure all the kitties on the surface jump in time to avoid it, but things quickly prove challenging as there are many different types of cats each with their own unique gameplay quirk. If you’re in the mood for a different take on mobile platforming be sure to give KittyJumpr a go.

kittyjumpr1 kittyjumpr2


Marble Mountain from Lightning Rock

Say hello to Marble Mountain, a fantastic new console quality 3D platformer that’s essentially Marble Madness on steroids wearing a Mario hat. Between its fantastic level design, gorgeous visuals, and addicting gameplay Marble Mountain does a fine job of bringing the Marble Madness pedigree to mobile. Players will roll around tons of inventively arranged stages while avoiding traps and riding crazy rollercoasters.

marblemountain marblemountain2


Peasoupers from Vizagon Studio

This dour new puzzle platformer from indie developer Vizagon Studio uses a rather clever Lemmings style gameplay mechanic that has players essentially building each level as they’re playing it. Players can use an army of disposable platforming minions to form towers and shields made up entirely of monsters. It’s a neat idea and helps to separate Peasoupers from the pack.

peasouper1 peasouper2


Pug Rapids from Bite Size Games

An adorable endless runner with simple yet satisfying twitch gameplay, Pug Rapids’s silly tone is sure to appeal to animal lovers out there. Players help guide a brave waterborne pug as he rides his way down some dangerous rapids in an inner tube. If you’re interested in a no-nonsense runner with a cheerful motif give Pug Rapids a go.



Puzzle! Blox from Bao

It may not have the most glowing nomenclature ever conceived, but nevertheless Puzzle! Blox is a really fun retro puzzler with a twist. In order to beat each stage players must complete a picture by sliding blocks into place, however the only way to do that is with a Bust-A-Move type shooting system that is even further exasperated due to a neat 360 degree rotating mechanic. There’s also a ton of unlockables to find and even a full level editor just in case you get bored of the main campaign.



Robot Overload from Cybergon

Lovingly crafted, irreverently silly, great fun, these are just a few ways to describe the new twin stick shooter that is Robot Overload. As an evil genius who has just put the finishing touches on his evil robot army, players will find themselves soon fighting that very same army after it is hacked by a rival mad genius. What follows is an all out war of steel and attrition as players must now “fix” their previously loving minions.

robotoverload robotoverload2


Stick Squad from Brutal Studio

If you’re into precision shooters like Sniper Elite you’ll want to check out Brutal Studio’s new doodle based fps Stick Squad. As an ace sniper traipsing the world killing bad guys players will go on a variety of sniping missions that all require stealth and good aim to survive. Successfully complete your objectives and you’ll find yourself unlocking cooler and better gear to take on those really tough missions.

sticksquad sticksquad2


Super Bomb Noms from Super Cookie Games

Super Bomb Noms is an adorable new Bomberman inspired action game that lets players take the fight online for some classic arcade grudgefests. It doesn’t deviate too much from the original Bomberman formula but in this case that’s a good thing as the gameplay is a perfect fit for online multiplayer. There are lots of different levels and unlockables too, so there’s plenty of reason to keep coming back to Super Bomb Noms.



Time Traveling Thief from TreeBros Studios

This nostalgic looking new strategy puzzler from indie dev TreeBros Studios comes off as an addicting mix of Final Fantasy and Hitman Go. Players are charged with stealthily making their way through each level as they complete objectives like stealing things and taking out guards without making a peep. If Locke from Final Fantasy 6 were to ever get his own game, Time Traveling Thief would be it.

timetravelingtheif timetravelingtheif2


Tiny Worm from Piotr Slabon

Tiny Worm is a neat little(literally) adventure game that blows the classic Snake game up to gigantic proportions. As the title character players will have to crawl their way through to the end of each level while picking up lunchables and taking care not to get smushed along the way. There’s even fighting in this game as our intrepid worm friend can bite back at any predators that try to have him for dinner. Does your favorite Snake game have fighting mechanics in it? I thought not.



Undefeated from Aldorlea Games

The long awaited Jrpg Undefeated has finally arrived on Android in all its 16-bit glory. Travel back to the days of the SNES with this modern day rpg classic filled with deep gameplay, nostalgic visuals, and irreverent humor as players embark on a fantastical adventure to save a fallen land from extinction. If you’re tired of playing ports of old rpgs like the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series and are also dissatisfied with the current freemium crop then be sure to check out Undefeated.

undefeated undefeated2


Zoi from GameSys

Even though it’s still in the beta phase of development, Gamesys’s quirky retro platformer Zoi is already looking extremely promising. In a reverse of the classic run ‘n jump platforming mechanic this time around players actually stand still as the platforms come at them as they attempt to leap over them at just the right time. Zoi is a really addicting sidescroller that offers the twitch madness of Flappy Bird style games but in a much more polished format.

zoi1 zoi2


Zombie Team 6 from Hudld Inc

There’s just something about blowing up hordes of zombies with a chain gun while zooming around in the air above that’s so satisfying. Apparently other people feel the same way because this phenonma has gone on to inspire its own sub-genre the newest of which is indie studio Hudld’s action packed new shoot ’em up Zombie Team 6. As the gunner of a powerful Apache Longbow attack helicopter it’s up to players to defend the last remnants of humanity from an army of vicious undead prowling the ground. You’ll be safe in your chopper for the time being, but you’ve got to run out of fuel sometime so look alive and kill those zombies….. Again!

zombieteamsix zombieteamsix2



Tune in this Friday for your regularly scheduled indie game round-up! The Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up is brought to you by SGD editors James Maxwell and Craig Forshey.

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