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Beloved Horde Shooter Zombie Kill Of The Week Returns To Android

After being taken down from Google Play last year one of 2013’s best shoot ’em ups is back on Android and better than ever. A hardcore Left 4 Dead style zombie shooter done up with retro 2D visuals, Zombie Kill Of The Week was released in early 2013 by Panic Art Studios and went on to receive a warm reception and a fair amount of praise for its nostalgic re-imagining of modern zombie shooters. Unfortunately, to the dismay of its fans Zombie Kill Of The Week was removed some time later due to unforeseen circumstances. Normally this would spell the end for many a indie game but thankfully Zombie Kill Of The Week’s original creator and main programmer Santeri Relander decided to ressurect the project and after 9 months of grueling development rebuilding everything from scratch Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn has arrived under the indie developer’s Still Running studio banner.

This gory sidescrolling shooter takes the established “horde” mode style gameplay popularized by games like Call Of Duty Zombies and remixes it with old school 2D action for a very familiar yet unique vibe. It’s all out war between zombies and humans and as a bubblegum chewing butt kicking badass it’s up to players to kill as many of the shamblers as they can before they overrun the place. Just like its 3D zombie counterparts, ZKW-Reborn’s action is fast and fun as players will need to fight off an army of the undead using twin stick controls that allow for a surprising amount of precision shooting for a 2D shooter.

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Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn has an ever expanding set of features that help to make it feel like a truly polished and complete game. As players begin to mow down the zombie hordes using bazookas and swords they’ll begin to acquire xp that can be used to level up either their character or their weapons. In addition to a ton of available weapons, there are also really neat console style powerups available in the form of perks and enhanced abilities. Unlocking achievements help to speed this up, which gives Zombie Kill Of The Week a ton of replay value. It’s even got full controller support for those who want the full console experience.


The triumphant return of a fan favorite sidescroller, ZKW-Reborn stands on the shoulders of its predecessor to achieve even greater heights of awesomeness. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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