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Fight For Gladiatoral Glory In New Arcade Brawler Enterchained

Prepare yourself for glory! A unique new arcade brawler by the name of Enterchained approaches and its intriguing two man combat system is sure to test the wits of even the most seasoned warriors. The valiant debut title from indie developer Featherweight Games, Enterchained takes the idea of swords & sandals based combat and puts a new spin on classic arcade beat ’em up design by tethering players to an AI ally by a long metal chain like a scene right out of Gladiator. This intriguing gameplay mechanic forces players to approach situations differently than a traditional fighting game as they now have to execute their attacks in tandem with their partner lest they be overwhelmed.

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There are quite a few different ways to dispatch your opponent, and you’ll be rewarded for taking advantage of them all in the form of powerful new loot that can add game changing buffs and new attacks into the equation. You’ll have to share this loot with your AI partner so it’s important to divvy up the treasure accordingly. This constant discovery of game altering equipment helps give Enterchained a lot of replay value as players complete its many quests and find new ways to kick butt.


Enterchained is a great new arcade brawler with a unique twist and no-nonsense pricing that is free of any in-app purchases. You can pick it up now for $.99 on Google Play.

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