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Retro Arcade Racer Triangle Face Fun Race Zooms Onto Android

One of my favorite games of all time is Super Off Road, so from the moment I first booted up a new racing game from indie developer DeadToast Entertainment called Triangle Face Fun Race I was in love. This addicting new twitch racer pays homage to the much beloved Hot Wheels school of isometric racing game design with simple but addicting gameplay that has been custom retrofitted for mobile.

Like many classic arcade racers Triangle Face Fun Race challenges players with being the fastest driver around in a series of creatively designed courses, except this time around instead of having to fumble with clunky virtual wheel controls or tilt your device so you look like a crazy person in public the controls have been simplified down to a single solitary button. At first this idea may seem off putting and reductionist but the intuitive nature of its implementation actually adds in an intriguing gameplay element straight out of Snake that’s all about risk vs reward.

trianglefacefunrace23 trianglefacefunrace233

All players need to do to turn around a corner is tap on the screen which makes timing absolutely critical as running into a wall or taking a turn too wide will set your car back a precious few seconds. As the levels progress the game expands the scope of the racetracks and adds in wacky new obstacles like floating heads as well as handy powerpads that will let you zoom right past the competition if you use them right.

Perhaps Triangle Face Fun Race’s best feature is it’s multiplayer support, up to 4 friends can race each other all on the same device. Each player taps their corresponding corner of the screen to turn, which makes Triangle Face Fun Race a perfect party game to put on ones tablet.


Elegantly simple and great fun, Triangle Face Fun Race is available now for free on Google Play.

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