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SkiFree In Zany New Downhill Runner Escape From Montegrande

One of gamings most iconic pack-ins, SkiFree, has been spiritually reborn on Android complete with updated gameplay and snazzy 3D graphics. Indie developer MEGO’s wacky new downhill skiing game Escape From Montegrande feels very much like an addicting reimagining of the classic Windows 3.1 game, which was a simple but fun arcade romp that came for free with copies of that now obsolete operating system.

This time around though the stakes are a little bit higher and the gameplay is a lot more intense as players are no longer a hapless ski dude pulling off gnarly moves while avoiding the occasional abominable snowman but instead are a master skier who’s been wrongly imprisoned for life in a fortress-like prison on the top of a mountain. In order to clear his name players will have to ski their way down a perilous mountain filled with all sorts of crazy stuff while being chased by merciless guards who have been filling up their free time with extra ski lessons and writing macho one-liners to belittle our brave hero with.


Not to worry though, as he soon breaks out of prison with a fresh set of skis and a burning desire to shred the slopes. It’s a long way to the bottom of the mountain so players will need to make sure they use its natural resources like ice ramps and tree lines to get away from the pursuing guards. As players get farther with each playthrough they’ll be able to unlock cool new powerups like a slingshot for shooting at enemies or the ability to spontaneously sprout trees that add intriguing new dynamics to the gameplay.


If you’re tired of the same old sidescrolling endless runners be sure to give the fantastic new Escape From Montegrande a try, you won’t be disappointed. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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