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DJing Goes Viral In Mind Bending New Music Runner Wreck Fader

A mesmerizing new roller coaster runner by the name of Wreck Fader has arrived and its batcrap insane premise will blow you away. Imagine the endless runner Switch decided to go to a rave one night and accidentally ingested large quantities of LSD and you’ll have some idea of what to expect from Kypski Music’s bizarrely beautiful new twitch racer Wreck Fader.

Six time Dutch scratching champion DJ Kypski scored the music for Wreck Fader as in addition to being a great game it also serves as a sort-of meta promotion for his brand new album, also called Wreck Fader. Players take control of one of Kypski’s scratch stations as they are transported to the microscopic world of record grooves, nightmarish bacteria, and supersonic speed that lives inside his equipment. In order to keep the beat going players will need to scratch their way through a tubular obstacle course straight out of an MC Escher painting while avoiding flying into a wall or being devoured by microbe particles.

wreckfader wreckfader2

There are several really neat DJ inspired gameplay elements that help spice up the action and differentiate Wreck Fader from your typical runner. In keeping with the record scratching theme players can manipulate the record’s surface by swiping on the screen which unleashes powerful blasts of electricity than can help clear the way. The many wandering microbial enemies will attempt to devour you whenever possible, so be sure to save this power up for when you really need it. A real time ghost system allows players to challenge friends to beat their high score or even race against DJ Kypski himself.


With its great graphics, gameplay, and music Wreck Fader is sure to appeal to both music lovers and runner aficionados alike. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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