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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #64

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform.

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new RPG, an action packed shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Monday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will be featured on our front page!


Binary Rush from Mudloop

From the indie studio that brought you last week’s quirky retro runner ADAM comes a brand new minimalistic runner called Binary Rush that will push your reflexes to their limits with its addicting twitch gameplay. The concept is maddeningly simple; All players need do is simultaneously keep two orbs from running into a wall by tapping on either side of the screen to control them, but Binary Rush’s highly stimulating design and imaginative use of complementary color schemes infuse the proceedings with stylish flair that will keep players coming back for more.



Bird Toss from Trevor Hailey

At first glance it’s easy to dismiss Trevor Hailey’s fun new physics game Bird Toss as just another Angry Birds clone but those that give the game a chance will be pleasantly surprised by its intuitive gameplay that feels closer to a wacky virtual iteration of basketball than anything else. Rather than launch birds at swine filled structures with a slingshot this time around players will be grabbing a hold of each bird with their finger and flinging him into a basket on the other side of the screen, usually hidden behind a Rube Goldberg esque series of traps.  Bird Toss puts a neat little spin on the physics genre and is definitely worth checking out.

birdtoss23 birdtoss232


Castle Master 2 from alphaCloud Inc

Korean developer alphaCloud is back with a follow up to their hit RPG Castle Master that ups the ante in nearly every way with enhanced visuals and new gameplay mechanics. Castle Master 2 blends elements of Dynasty Warriors, Final Fantasy Tactics, and WOW together into a mobile friendly format with multiplayer in mind. In this great looking SRPG/MMO hybrid players can lead hundred of minions into battle using their own custom tricked out avatar.

castlemaster22 castlemaster223


Dash Tap from Kretash Studios

This psychedelic new dodge ’em up from indie developer Kretash Studios is designed to test your spatial reasoning skills with uniquely challenging gameplay and eye-bleedingly crazy visuals. Players control an unassuming square in the middle of the screen and attempt to keep it safe by moving it out of the way of oncoming pixel walls through the use of an intriguing full display control set. It’s also a very challenging game that is sure to bring out your inner masochist with its absurd yet completely fair level of difficulty.

dashtap dashtap2


Escape From Montegrande from MEGO

One of gamings most iconic pack-ins, SkiFree, has been spiritually reborn on Android complete with updated gameplay and snazzy 3D graphics. Indie developer MEGO’s wacky new downhill skiing game Escape From Montegrande feels very much like an addicting reimagining of the classic Windows 3.1 game, which was a simple but fun arcade romp that came for free with copies of that now obsolete operating system.

This time around though the stakes are a little bit higher and the gameplay is a lot more intense as players are no longer a hapless ski dude pulling off gnarly moves while avoiding the occasional abominable snowman but instead are a master skier who’s been wrongly imprisoned for life in a fortress-like prison on the top of a mountain. In order to clear his name players will have to ski their way down a perilous mountain filled with all sorts of crazy stuff while being chased by merciless guards who have been filling up their free time with extra ski lessons and writing macho one-liners to belittle our brave hero with.



Explock from D’Factory

Independent studio D’Factory’s interesting new twist on classic tower stacking games like Jenga called Explock is a simple but infinitely replayable physics puzzler that acts as a fully 3D reverse Tetris of sorts. Players must attempt to strategically remove blocks from an ever rising tower without any of them spilling out of the play area, but watch out as these blocks are color coded and will bond together then explode when like-color blocks come into contact with one another. Whether you grew up on classics like Columns and Tetris or just happen to like puzzlers you’ll have a blast with Explock.



F Mode from Maximum Crash

In the wacky new endless runner F Mode from indie dev Maximum Crash you’ll dodge murderous flying fish, manipulate the fabric of reality, and defy gravity itself against a backdrop of visually stimulating retro insanity. Unlike alot of endless runners that focus on a solitary gameplay gimmick F Mode throws a whole slew of different potential “game over”s at once. Add in a really neat versus mode that lets friends see who can last the longest without getting gobbled up by digital aquatic life out on a cyber rampage and you’ve got yourself a winner.

fmode fmode2


GrimWar from SillyCat Studio

Mothership Touch Battle creators SillyCat studio are back with a gorgeous new rpg called GrimWar that paints dungeon crawling in a whole new light. As what essentially amounts to the rpg equivalant of a real estate agent it’s up to players to go around clearing dungeons of monsters for lazy wizards in exchange for lots of sweet moolah. GrimWar’s 2D approach works well and it’s quite the looker too.

grimwar grimwar2


Heavy Metal Thunder from Cubus Games

Since first being published in 2011 the stoic sci-fi “choose your own adventure” book Heavy Metal Thunder has received plenty of critical praise and fan support but you’ve never experienced it quite like this as indie developer Cubus Games is bringing the literary triumph to life in a new interactive game on Android. Written by sci-fi author Kyle B. Stiff this epic adventure game puts players in the middle of a massive space opera with the fate of the universe resting on their decisions. Heavy Metal Thunder lets you decide how the story unfolds through masterful storytelling and engaging gameplay.



Jaeger Strike from Uberactive Game Studios

Uberactive Game Studios’ action packed new polygonal shoot ’em up Jaeger Strike recalls the best of old school PSX shooters like Einhander and R-Type Delta. As an ace pilot flying dangerous missions against enemy fleets across the galaxy it’s up to players to become a one man army and save the day in this addicting bullet hell shooter. If you’re a big arcade shoot ’em up fan like me you’ll really dig Jaeger Strike.

jaegerstirke jaegerstirke2


Micro Battles from Donut Games

Prolific indie developer Donut Games’ new multiplayer mini-game collection Micro Battles is an ode to all those saturday mornings spent in front of the TV trying to beat your friend in a 8-bit video game. In Micro Battles two players can go head to head in a variety of simple but awesome mini games using a party friendly one-touch control scheme. Anyone looking for a great new single device multiplayer game will definitely want to give Micro Battles a spin.

microbattles microbattles2


Miner Man from Invictus Games

This fun new arcade game from Invictus Games evokes a nostalgic play style that draws welcome inspiration from classic video game history. As one of 10 unique miner men players must dig their way through mountains of dirt in search of precious gold before their time runs out or they accidentally burrow into an indestructible boulder. If you like your twitch arcade gameplay with a dash of quick witted strategy take a gander at Miner Man.



Neon Battleground from Andriy Pidvirnyy

Combining online competitive FPS’s like Call Of Duty and twin stick arcade shooters like Geometry Wars is Andriy Pidvirnyy’s awesome new multiplayer shoot ’em up Neon Battleground. This slick pew pew fest takes the pure action of old school shooters and replaces the enemies with other players who all have their own custom powered ships. Just like Call Of Duty there is a fairly in depth experience based progression system which lends alot of replayablility to Neon Battleground.

neonbattleground neonbattleground2


Pako – Car Chase Simulator from Tree Men Games

Games like Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed Most Wanted are wildly popular for one simple reason; They put players right in the drivers seat of every car chase scene from every awesome action movie ever made. And while the aforementioned games have made attempts to crossover into the Android realm they fail to deliver as much fun as indie developer Tree Men Games’ infuriatingly addicting new isometric arcade racer Pako. This simple but highly engaging retro style chase game borrows elements from twitch games like Flappy Bird and cleverly adapts them into a unique twist on the outrun genre that’s been custom adapted for mobile.

pako pako2


Polaritron from Leonardo Cavaletti

Polaritron is an insanely addicting new twitch arcade game filled with intense and varied action bolstered by a backdrop of imaginatively aesthetic color schemes. As a barrage of atoms come flying towards a core in the center of the screen players must quickly change its polarity back and forth so two opposing forces don’t collide and blow up the entire planet. There’s a wide variety of game modes available as well, so it’s nice to see the dev behind Polaritron took the time to explore its gameplay concepts thoroughly.



Racing Car Hero from Łukasz Beneś

This great new arcade racer from indie developer Łukasz Beneś is a humble but enjoyable speedster that takes after classics like the Hot Wheels series of games. The action is shot from a top down angle as players race around uniquely designed courses earning money to trick out their vehicle for future competition. You can even challenge a friend to a local multiplayer match over bluetooth to truly show once and for all just who is the real speed demon.



Roller Runner from FOXVITAE

Indie studio FOXVITAE’s quirky new physics platformer Roller Runner immediately brings to mind the special pseudo-3D bonus stages in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, which is all I needed to know that this was one game I had to check out. As the titular runner players will rocket down a never ending half-pipe avoiding brick walls and using their momentum to leap into the sky for some crazy air. Easy to get into but hard to master, Roller Runner is a terrific retro throwback to the eternal bonus stage.

rollerrunner rollerrunner2


Slider from PlayMedusa

With its sleek visuals and addicting gameplay independent developer PlayMedusa’s fascinating new action-puzzler hybrid Slider takes the minimalistic puzzler genre and infuses it with some much needed adrenaline. By building around a core time based mechanic and extrapolating it into a unique grid board format that relies on quick strategy PlayMedusa has done a fantastic job of making Slider highly engaging. If you’re in the mood for a more stimulating kind of puzzle game that utilizes strategic elements be sure slide on over to Google Play and download Slider.

slider slider2


Speed Of Time from Orange Parallax

It’s rare that I get a grin on my face from how much I enjoy playing a game, but a new physics based runner called Speed Of Time has managed to do just that with its addicting F-Zero meets Super Monkey Ball gameplay. Released by indie development studio Orange Parallax, Speed Of Time is a minimalist arcade runner that sports simple but well implemented game mechanics designed to illicit the pure thrill of flying through the air at insane speeds while you struggle to keep up with the roller coaster esque twists and turns the game throws at you. This is balanced by an intuitive control scheme that gives players room for fine acts of finesse as they cruise along at hundreds of miles an hour like Pac-Man doing a rather impressive cosplay of Sonic The Hedgehog.

speedoftime2 speedoftime23


Straight Penta from Epollomes

Reckless Stunts developer Epollomes is back with a straightforward and elegant new puzzler based on the rule of 5 called Straight Penta. Designed to be easily accessible but deeply replayable the goal of the game is to rearrange and slide the different rows of the game board around in order to form as many sequential patterns of 1 through 5 as possible. There are tons of opportunities to score extra combos and multipliers with strategic placement which makes for tons of math friendly fun.



Strung Along from Tommi Saalasti

This addicting physics platformer is going to force you to learn how to walk again, and you’ll love every second of it. Strung Along is a puppet themed sidescroller that challenges players with correctly sequencing their character’s steps by tapping on the screen in succession, often with hilarious results. It takes a little bit of getting used to Strung Along’s ultra precise controls but those that stick it out will be pleased at the amount of variety and challenge the game offers.

strungalong strungalong2


Terrible Tower from RedOrb Games

Indie developer RedOrb Games’ great new retro platformer Terrible Tower belies its name with clever level design and a really neat hook. Like some sort of sideways Kid Icarus the characters in this game can instantly transport themselves to a higher up platform by jumping off the bottom of the screen into the abyss below only to be magically transported to the top of the playing field. There are tons of extra power ups, skins, and world for you to discover too, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself trapped by the Terrible Tower.

terribletower terribletower2


Trail from Frisky Gorilla

An addicting minimalistic puzzler based on randomly generated geometry, Trail from indie developer Frisky Gorilla is similar to an eternally evolving version of connect the dots. Players need to connect the different nodes that comprise each shape by drawing lines between them without doubling over or its game over. Anyone who enjoyed playing connect the dots when they were young ought to take a look at Trail.



Triangle Face Fun Race from DeadToast Entertainment

One of my favorite games of all time is Super Off Road, so from the moment I first booted up a new racing game from indie developer DeadToast Entertainment called Triangle Face Fun Race I was in love. This addicting new twitch racer pays homage to the much beloved Hot Wheels school of isometric racing game design with simple but addicting gameplay that has been custom retrofitted for mobile.

Like many classic arcade racers Triangle Face Fun Race challenges players with being the fastest driver around in a series of creatively designed courses, except this time around instead of having to fumble with clunky virtual wheel controls or tilt your device so you look like a crazy person in public the controls have been simplified down to a single solitary button. At first this idea may seem off putting and reductionist but the intuitive nature of its implementation actually adds in an intriguing gameplay element straight out of Snake that’s all about risk vs reward.

trianglefacefunrace2 trianglefacefunrace23


Wreck Fader from Kypski Music

A mesmerizing new roller coaster runner by the name of Wreck Fader has arrived and its batcrap insane premise will blow you away. Imagine the endless runner Switch decided to go to a rave one night and accidentally ingested large quantities of LSD and you’ll have some idea of what to expect from Kypski Music’s bizarrely beautiful new twitch racer Wreck Fader.

Six time Dutch scratching champion DJ Kypski scored the music for Wreck Fader as in addition to being a great game it also serves as a sort-of meta promotion for his brand new album, also called Wreck Fader. Players take control of one of Kyspki’s scratch stations as they are transported to the microscopic world of record grooves, nightmarish bacteria, and supersonic speed that lives inside his equipment. In order to keep the beat going players will need to scratch their way through a tubular obstacle course straight out of an MC Escher painting while avoiding flying into a wall or being devoured by microbe particles.

wreckfader wreckfader2



Tune in every Friday for your regularly scheduled Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up brought to you by SGD editors Craig Forshey and James Maxwell!

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