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High Flying Physics Runner Speed Of Time Rolls Onto Android

It’s rare that I get a grin on my face from how much I enjoy playing a game, but a new physics based runner called Speed Of Time has managed to do just that with its addicting F-Zero meets Super Monkey Ball gameplay. Released by indie development studio Orange Parallax, Speed Of Time is a minimalist arcade runner that sports simple but well implemented game mechanics designed to illicit the pure thrill of flying through the air at insane speeds while you struggle to keep up with the roller coaster esque twists and turns the game throws at you. This is balanced by an intuitive control scheme that gives players room for fine acts of finesse as they cruise along at hundreds of miles an hour like Pac-Man doing a rather impressive cosplay of Sonic The Hedgehog.

speedoftime23 speedoftime233

The premise behind Speed Of Time is simple but sound. As the aforementioned amorphous blob players must race down a nightmarishly complex never ending roller coaster track without falling off or running out of time. Additional time can be added to the clock by passing through the many rings scattered throughout the track and surrounding airspace. An orange stripe running down the middle of the track acts as a permanent boost pad and allows for some really cool gameplay. All this action is rendered at a consistent 60 fps with minimalistic but pleasing graphics.


Unlike alot of its peers in the endless runner genre, Speed Of Time requires zero permissions and is a traditionally priced game with no ads or in app purchases in sight. You can pick it up now for just $.99 on Google Play.

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