Published on October 26th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Electronic Super Joy Sequel Groove City Slides Onto Android

After unleashing its pixelated madness on Steam users indie developer Michael Todd’s raunchy new retro platformer sequel Electronic Super Joy: Groove City has finally arrived on Android, bringing with it tons of sweet sidescrolling goodness. This hyperactive new platformer runs and jumps with the best of its genre as it features tight Super Meat Boy esque gameplay, mesmerizing graphics, and a hilarious tone that may or may not be appropriate for little ones what with its references to such major plot elements as “Laser Nipples”. It’s this irreverent style coupled with highly polished level design that earned the original Electronic Super Joy critical praise and it looks like the same will be true of Electronic Super Joy: Groove City.


Like all good platformers Groove City is extremely challenging but also fair. It uses traditional onscreen touch controls for a more authentic old school feel instead of any gimmicky gesture setup which would normally present some issues but the buttons here are thankfully oversized in order to prevent from any accidental misses. Groove City also appears to support keyboard input and worked well when I used a gamepad with remapped controls for better precision. Players need only make it to the end of each stage while collecting hard to reach stars and avoiding getting chomped on by a pixel monster, but that’s easier said than done.


Electronic Super Joy: Groove City is a great game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good platformer. At $4.99 it may seem like a steep price for a mobile game, but keep in mind that purchasing Groove City on Google Play works as a cross-buy which also nets you a Steam Key so you can play Electronic Super Joy: Groove City both at home and on the go!

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