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Metal Gear Solid Goes Medieval In New Stealth Epic Coward Knight

Stealth junkies might want to check their surroundings as it seems that indie developer Studio Leaves’ charming new stealth adventure game Coward Knight has snuck up on Android without so much as a peep, or a clank of armor to be more precise. Billed as an amalgamation of Metal Gear Solid, The Legend Of Zelda, and Ghosts & Goblins, Coward Knight takes the stealth action genre out of its usual modern warfare comfort zone and into more unfamiliar territory to create a quirky hybrid of A Link To The Past and Metal Gear Solid. With its arcade style stealth mechanics and nice visuals Coward Knight is certainly a welcome addition to the meager selection of Android stealth games on offer.

cowardknight cowardknight2

As the rather aptly named protagonist it’s up to players to storm a castle filled with deadly traps, devilishly clever puzzles, and evil roaming death knight guards that launch into a frenzy at the slightest sight of an intruder. Players must deftly sneak their way past all these obstacles in order to reach the top of the tower and free the princess in order to land a nice cushy promotion from the king, which shouldn’t be too hard either way seeing as how you’re the last remaining knight in the kingdom that hasn’t died trying. Metal Gear Solid fans will appreciate all the subtle references throughout like possessed floating eyeballs instead of security cameras.


It’s always nice to see a new game from the stealth genre make it’s way onto Android. You can pick Coward Knight up for free on Google Play.

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