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Conquer Your Fears In Charming New Psychoanalytic RPG FreudBot

With the advent of convenient access to augmented reality in mobile devices has come a wave of new apps that overlay game elements on top of everyday life, but one new rpg is flipping that concept on its head by making everyday life itself the game. Meet FreudBot, the title character of indie developer Slash Games’ hilariously unique new card style role playing game and mechanical life coach to an every man named Steve who’s been a bit down on his luck lately. It seems Steve is suffering from quite a lot of pressure due to normal things that everybody worries about like trouble at work, dealing with relationships, and overcoming his fears which causes his health insurance company to dispatch the robotic psychiatrist Dr. FreudBot to help. This particular bot is rather eccentric though and views his job as a game, which means Steve will be learning how to apply card battle rpg mechanics to things like getting into an argument with his in-laws.

freudbot33 freudbot2

By combining an entertaining narrative with solid strategy-centric card play FreudBot manages to keep players glued to the screen in order to see what silliness will unfold next. Each stressful conversation Steve has throughout his day takes the form of an epic card battle with simple but effective rules. Players attempt to successfully turn the tide of each argument to Steve’s favor without overloading his 3 emotions of aggression, doubt, and fear which take the form of literal meters. For every comeback card available for players to use there is a different value assigned to each that will affect these three areas. Only by learning how to navigate his conversations strategically can Steve, and therefore players, hope to successfully solve his problems.


Unquestionably unique and a whole lot of fun, FreudBot’s fourth wall breaking humor is sure to put a smile on your face. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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