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Spooky Sequel Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Now Haunting Android

Scott Cawthon’s murderous band of animatronic kiddie characters are back in action and ready with a whole slew of new mind games to play on you, only this time there won’t be any steel doors to protect you. That’s right, the cult horror classic Five Nights At Freddy’s has an awesome new sequel and it’s waiting for you right now on Google Play.

Much like the first Five Nights At Freddy’s its sequel is an eerily suspenseful horror style adventure game that revolves around players keeping the night watch at a local Chuck ‘E Cheeses, erm, homage. And just like before its normally lovable cast of singing robotic cartoon characters have mysteriously gone haywire resulting in them horribly dismembering anyone who isn’t also a giant talking animal.

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As the night time security guard it’s up to players to monitor the cameras to ensure no untoward shenanigans are occurring on the premises, a seemingly benign task until you realize your very life depends on it. Making things worse, the company that hired you is cheap so you only have a limited amount of battery power available to operate security systems like the cameras. Don’t worry though, if you pop on a spare animal costume head they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between you and another character….hopefully.


The king of jump scares is back! Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 is available now for $2.99 on Google Play.

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