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Gameboytastic Sidescroller 8bit Doves Gets An Endless Spinoff

Released at the tail end of August, indie developer Nitrome’s absolutely fantastic grayscale sidescroller 8bit Doves proved to be a big hit thanks to its uber nostalgic visuals and intuitive gameplay that combined the addictiveness of Flappy Bird with the grace of Mario. And with such a heavy emphasis on redefining the tap-based avian genre typified by an army of Flappy Bird clones it only makes sense then that 8bit Doves would get an endless style game of its own called Endless Doves simply enough. Except in this terrific companion game to 8bit Doves instead of incredibly monotonous pipe avoidance that borders on soul-sucking players will be treated to a rich gameplay experience that utilizes vibrant scenery and great controls.

endlessdoves2 endlessdoves23

While Endless Doves does share a lot of similarity to 8bit Doves it differs from its predecessor in one obvious but important way as it replaces 8bit Doves’ traditional level structure with the more modern endless runner structure that its gameplay riffs on so well. This simple idea brings the whole 8bit Doves concept full circle and provides an easy way for those who have beat it already to extend their experience. Endless Doves may use a randomly generated layout but it still retains the clever grace of the level design in 8bit Doves thanks to a patchwork of mini-stages.


In addition to being an awesome game in its own right, Endless Doves also serves as a great demo for what 8bit Doves offers. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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