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Vent Your Frustration In Meta-Flappy Shooter Birdie Blast

I didn’t know what to make of Birdie Blast at first. With Flappy Bird being cloned using every variation imaginable there have been plenty of “kill Flappy Bird” type games that do little more than cash in on the iconic but mindless hit, so to say the least I was skeptical when I saw that indie developer PixelInvoke’s new shooter-esque arcade game promised players they would be taking revenge on the vertically challenged avian that has caused so much fuss. But much to my surprise, rather than a simple one note ripoff Birdie Blast is instead a bonafide meta-game that simultaneously mashes together and pokes fun at every major casual Android game from Flappy Bird to Crush The Castle in order to bridge that precarious gap between parody and ripoff.

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So in that sense Birdie Blast comes across as the “Scary Movie” of casual Android games as you can do everything from shoot Flappy Bird out of the sky using the plants from Plants Vs Zombies or use Fruit Ninja swipes to bring the castles from Crush The Castle down on his head. As humorous as those scenarios may be, they would be nothing without good gameplay to accompany them and in that regard Birdie Blast largely succeeds as well. Despite its appearances Birdie Blast is largely a shooter as players attempt to use all manner of different artillery to bring the confounded yellow beast down to Earth.


Yo dog, I heard you liked casual games, so I got you this casual game about casual games so you can play casual games as you casually game.

You can pick Birdie Blast up in both ad-supported and paid flavors on Google Play.

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