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Kick It Old School With New Retro Puzzle Platformer 4NR

Indie developer P1XL Games’s epic old school puzzle platformer 4NR has made the leap from iOS to Android and it’s brought its critically acclaimed LCD inspired gameplay along for the ride. While some games like to boast about their retro style 8-bit graphics they’re nothing compared to the dot-matrix display visuals 4NR uses to evoke the feeling of playing a game on a Ti-83 graphing calculator or a Game & Watch handheld. Which, rather than off putting, actually comes across as quite charming thanks to the pixelated visuals figuring directly into the gameplay.

Despite its humble presentation 4NR adopts a uniquely epic approach to storytelling as players are dropped into a world where they are given the choice to either escape or embrace an oncoming apocalypse. It would appear an ancient evil deity is coming to consume the world but luckily before that can happen a supernatural being warns players to escape to the sky by climbing ladders before its too late, the only problem is you were planning on going spelunking for treasure today and you aren’t too keen on backing out now.


One of 4NR’s most interesting features is its multi-faceted approach to game design. Depending on whether players go up or down they will be facing different challenges and can arrive at 4 separate endings. Going up will pit players in a race against time as they try to outrun a rising tide of lava destroying everything in its path, whereas going down requires a more strategic approach as players will need to be sure they plan their moves carefully so they don’t end up trapped in a dark cave with no way out. Both directions offer different ways of playing the game which helps to give 4NR a lot of replay value as players attempt to best their previous runs.


There’s old school, and then there’s 4NR old school. You can pick this blast from the past up now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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