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Ultra Fast Twitch Runner Barrier Zooms Onto Android

Do you like your runners to be insanely fast? Well be careful what you wish for, as Aleksey Stepanov’s new arcade avoid ’em up Barrier has arrived on the scene and it’ll mop the floor with your reflexes.  This adrenaline pumping work of minimalistic art takes the avoid ’em up genre to the extreme with hyper reactive gameplay, mind blowing visuals, and a spiffy electronic soundtrack that will keep you in the groove in between bouts of wanting to smash your phone against the wall. There’s more to Barrier than just dodging walls at high speed however as players will also have to deal with all sorts of different traps and eventually even get to shoot stuff.

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In addition to its nerve-wrackingly good gameplay Barrier is also quite the looker thanks to its mesmerizing 2D in 3D art style that re-envisions the ever popular retro graphics look in the third perspective. This directly impacts the game design as well thanks to a color coded system that gives players subconscious cues on what to look out for and goes a long way towards making the ultra fast gameplay intuitive rather than punishingly difficult. Although players first instinct will be to simply switch lanes like a madman the goal is instead to get in tune with how the game spawns its traps so as to properly avoid their constant barrage of pixelated doom.


If you’re looking for a great new avoid ’em up that will truly push your skills to their limit be sure to check out Barrier. You can pick it up now for $1.42 on Google Play.

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