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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #67 – Sunday Edition

Welcome to a super special late Sunday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform. After postponing last week’s Round-Up we’re back in action and now return you to your regularly scheduled dose of indie gaming goodness.

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new platformer, an action packed RPG, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday afternoon will be declared our indie game of the week in addition to being featured on our site!


 4NR from P1XL Games

Indie developer P1XL Games’s epic old school puzzle platformer 4NR has made the leap from iOS to Android and it’s brought its critically acclaimed LCD inspired gameplay along for the ride. While some games like to boast about their retro style 8-bit graphics they’re nothing compared to the dot-matrix display visuals 4NR uses to evoke the feeling of playing a game on a Ti-83 graphing calculator or a Game & Watch handheld. Which, rather than off putting, actually comes across as quite charming thanks to the pixelated visuals figuring directly into the gameplay.



Agent, Run! from Matthias MaschekWolfgang Knecht

This slick new spy themed runner eschews the run ‘n jump gameplay that is so typical of the genre in favor of a much more interesting gesture based mechanic that has players manipulating the environment around the protagonist rather than controlling him directly. As a suave martini swilling Sean Connery impersonator it’s up to players to save the world from a nefarious doomsday plot by a mad scientist by escaping his heavily fortified compound while a horde of minions give chase. Agent, Run!’s atypical approach to the sidescrolling runner genre gives it a unique feel that helps set it apart from the competition.

agentrun2 agentrun23


Barrier from Noclip

Do you like your runners to be insanely fast? Well be careful what you wish for, as Aleksey Stepanov’s new arcade avoid ‘em up Barrier has arrived on the scene and it’ll mop the floor with your reflexes.  This adrenaline pumping work of minimalistic art takes the avoid ‘em up genre to the extreme with hyper reactive gameplay, mind blowing visuals, and a spiffy electronic soundtrack that will keep you in the groove in between bouts of wanting to smash your phone against the wall. There’s more to Barrier than just dodging walls at high speed however as players will also have to deal with all sorts of different traps and eventually even get to shoot stuff.

barriercover233232 barriercover2


BeeKeeper-2D from Umbral Games

Ah, Minesweeper, the grandaddy of all pre-loaded games. A great game to be sure, but it is showing it’s age a little bit which is why indie studio Umbral Games has updated the classic Minesweeper formula in grand fashion with its addicting new puzzler BeeKeeper-2D. This charming blast from the past brings Minesweeper into the 21st century by infusing its traditional puzzle gameplay with some much needed gaming steroids that add genuinely intriguing new mechanics. There’s a ton of different game modes and levels available too, which should help bring a good deal of replay value along for the ride just like its predecessor.

beekeeper beekeeper2


Birdie Blast from PixelInvoke

I didn’t know what to make of Birdie Blast at first. With Flappy Bird being cloned using every variation imaginable there have been plenty of “kill Flappy Bird” type games that do little more than cash in on the iconic but mindless hit, so to say the least I was skeptical when I saw that indie developer PixelInvoke’s new shooter-esque arcade game promised players they would be taking revenge on the vertically challenged avian that has caused so much fuss. But much to my surprise, rather than a simple one note ripoff Birdie Blast is instead a bonafide meta-game that simultaneously mashes together and pokes fun at every major casual Android game from Flappy Bird to Crush The Castle in order to bridge that precarious gap between parody and ripoff.

Screenshot_2014-11-13-08-38-21 Screenshot_2014-11-13-08-36-58


BiTS from Neat Mess Games

There have been many attempts at recreating the Super Meat Boy experience on mobile over the years but so far none have figured out a way to properly implement touch screen controls, however that problem may have finally been solved with indie developer Neat Mess Games’ fantastic new twitch platformer BiTS. Rather than rely on imprecise virtual buttons BiTS employs a more intuitive two finger movement system that allows players more control than typical mobile platformers after an initial adjustment period. If you love Super Meat Boy style platformers but hate touchscreen controls be sure to give BiTS a spin.

bits bits2


Blitz Racer from Mudloop

We’ve featured a few games from indie developer Mudloop here on the Round-Up in the past and with every successive game they’ve released such as ADAM and 1-Bit Hero they seem to be getting better and better. A tradition that continues with their fantastic new racing style runner Blitz Racer, a retro avoid ’em up of sorts that marries old school isometric racers like Rock ‘N Roll Racing and more physics based endeavors like Marble Madness. It’s a simple premise that works well and is further accentuated with excellent level design.



CaniBalls from Laurent Bakowski

Our honorary “WTF!?” game of the week CaniBalls comes from indie developer Laurent Bakowski, the creative mind behind such gems as Mr. Eyes and the Bad Roads series of games, who’s decided to take things in a decidedly weirder direction with this new release. A simple dodge ’em up with an extremely silly twist, CaniBalls certainly doesn’t do anything unprecedented but it is highly humorous and sports some fun arcade style action to boot. As a hungry native out on the hunt it’s up to players to munch on an oversized elephant for sustinence, only problem is there’s only one edible part you can reach! Hey, I told you it was going to be weird!



Caveman Pong from Tokamak Interactive

This simple but insanely addicting retro style arcade game plays like a one-player take on Pong that’s been jammed into a physics engine extruder and shot out the other side into the chipboard of an old Joe & Mac cartridge. The concept behind Caveman Pong is daftly straightforward but still very satsifying, as players must bounce a ball against a wall as many times as they can without various flora and fauna getting in the way. If you’re into quick pick up and play games that have the capability to keep you occupied for hours with only the most satisfyingly rudimentary of mechanics be sure to check out Caveman Pong!



Dangerous Ivan from CPI Team

As an old school platformer with survival horror elements, Dangerous Ivan recalls the good ol’ days of the SNES when sidescrollers were king. Unlike a lot of other shooter based platformers where the hero seems to source his ammo from a pocket dimension in his, well, pocket, Dangerous Ivan tasks players with completing each level with limited firepower that must be used strategically against the zombie hordes in order to survive. The gameplay can be punishing just like a SNES platformer but those that stick it out will be pleasantly surprised as just how much personality Dangerous Ivan has to offer.

dangerousivan dangerousivan2


Dash Till Puff! from Rifter Games

A lot of endless runners out there seem as if they feel like they have no choice but to use a single solitary gameplay mechanic to serve as their proverbial hook, but not so says Rock Ninja developer Rifter Games as it has defied this convention with its superb new jack of all trades runner Dash Till Puff!. Instead of just one gameplay style Dash Till Puff! offers 5 different procedurally generated worlds that all utilize their own unique form of running mechanics set against vibrant visual backdrops. The graphics and sound are top notch as well, which means Dash Till Puff! will be a mainstay on my device for quite some time.

dashtillpuff dashtillpuff2


Dodo Master from Semir Saleh

Semir Saleh’s drop dead gorgeous avian adventure Dodo Master was the subject of much acclaim upon its initial release on iOS, and it looks like the same will be true of its Android counterpart as Dodo Master is an absolutely fantastic sidescroller that oozes charm at every turn. This old school platformer utilizes extremely well polished gameplay remiscent of classic 16-bit era offerings that adds a nostalgic tinge to proceedings while throwing in a few unique mechanics of its own. If you like platformers like Castle Of Illusion then take a gander at Dodo Master!

dodomaster2 dodmaster3


Endless Doves from Nitrome

Released at the tail end of August, indie developer Nitrome’s absolutely fantastic grayscale sidescroller 8bit Doves proved to be a big hit thanks to its uber nostalgic visuals and intuitive gameplay that combined the addictiveness of Flappy Bird with the grace of Mario. And with such a heavy emphasis on redefining the tap-based avian genre typified by an army of Flappy Bird clones it only makes sense then that 8bit Doves would get an endless style game of its own called Endless Doves simply enough. Except in this terrific companion game to 8bit Doves instead of incredibly monotonous pipe avoidance that borders on soul-sucking players will be treated to a rich gameplay experience that utilizes vibrant scenery and great controls.

endlessdoves2 endlessdoves


FreudBot from Slash Games

With the advent of convenient access to augmented reality in mobile devices has come a wave of new apps that overlay game elements on top of everyday life, but one new rpg is flipping that concept on its head by making everyday life itself the game. Meet FreudBot, the title character of indie developer Slash Games’ hilariously unique new card style role playing game and mechanical life coach to an every man named Steve who’s been a bit down on his luck lately. It seems Steve is suffering from quite a lot of pressure due to normal things that everybody worries about like trouble at work, dealing with relationships, and overcoming his fears which causes his health insurance company to dispatch the robotic psychiatrist Dr. FreudBot to help. This particular bot is rather eccentric though and views his job as a game, which means Steve will be learning how to apply card battle rpg mechanics to things like getting into an argument with his in-laws.

freudbot33 freudbot2


GearAvity from Creative Pigs

QAR developer Creative Pigs is back at it again with a great new physics platformer based around a neat twist. As with most platformers the object of each level is to make it to the end intact, however this time around players won’t be controlling their character but the level itself as they rotate it 360 degrees using a massive gear. GearAvity takes a much needed break from the usual platformer formula in favor of a more intriguing physics based approach.

gearivity gearivity2


Huey from FragmentTwo

There has been a wealth of terrific platformers arriving on Android recently but indie developer FragmentTwo’s Huey stands out as one of the best. This ode to retro sidescrollers like Kid Chameleon is high on the nostalgia factor with classic gameplay that feels like it came straight out of a Sega Genesis. As an adventurous dino it’s up to players to run, butt stomp, and swim their way through over 30 levels filled with challenging gameplay and cool power ups.

huey huey2


Hungry Hal from ELF Games

Lots of games have zombies, but few actually put players on the side of these misunderstood undead protagonists like indie developer ELF Games’ hilarious new endless runner Hungry Hal. As one of the shambling dead it’s up to players to survive as long as possible by munching on hapless humans and avoiding being blown up by a military gone ballistic. Having to chase down panicked cartoon people while they try to outrun their friends is really funny and part of what gives Hungry Hal its charm.

hungryhal hungryhal2


In A Nightmare from Mehmet Sami ÖZDEMİR

Upon first booting up a new game in Mehmet Sami ÖZDEMİR’s medieval platformer In A Nightmare players are only given one difficulty setting, nightmare, which serves as an apt warning for players that “here there be dragons” as this challenging sidescroller will take even the most veteran of retro gamers to task. As a wrongly imprisoned prince it’s up to players to escape from an elaborately deadly dungeon filled with all sorts of nasty traps waiting to claim anyone not dexterous enough to evade their clutches. An awesome mobile platformer that doesn’t capitulate for the weak, In A Nightmare’ sidescrolling action has been designed for those who want a true challenge out of their games.



Land Of Magic from Václav Pritzl

This charming new action rpg has been designed with the look and feel of an old DOS game that includes some more contemporary features ala Diablo. As a heroic young wizard traversing a doomed land players must do battle with vicious monsters and explore forgotten realms in order to save their people. Land Of Magic couples nostalgic visuals together with intuitive touch based gameplay to make for a fun experience.

landofmagic landofmagic2


Necklace Of Skulls from Cubus Games

After the success of its digital gamebooks Heavy Metal Thunder and The Sinister Fairground indie developer Cubus Games has returned with a fantastic new adventure book called Necklace Of Skulls that recreates David Morris’s choose your own adventure story in video game form. It’s not just a straight to tablet adaptation however as Cubus Games has added in a ton of new gameplay features, artwork, and great music to help set the mood. After choosing one of four distinct classes players will set out on a grand journey that takes them to the heart of ancient Mayan civilization where they’ll do battle with a host of enemies and uncover hidden secrets lost for centuries.



ROB-O-TAP from Invictus Games

Invictus Games, the indie developer behind the fantastic endless runner RGB, has unleashed a gorgeous new 3D animated runner called ROB-O-TAP on Android that uses a terrific one-touch mechanic to set itself apart from the crowd. Instead of controlling their character as per usual in runners players instead must protect the protagonist by disarming any traps that come in his way, but disarming one trap means arming its counterpart on the other side of the screen which makes for some challenging but great gameplay. ROB-O-TAP is yet another fantastic and unique runner from Invictus Games.

robotap robotap2


Rotangle from Inlee Studio

This addicting new physics puzzler from indie developer Inlee Studio utilizes gravity and your devices gyroscope for some smashing good gameplay. Set against a charming pixelated alien invasion players must defeat the alien invaders by solving unique puzzles that challenge players with using gravity to smash their extraterrestrial enemies into dust. With over 150 stages, crazy boss battles, and an endless mode Rotangle has a lot to offer so be sure to check it out!

rotangle rotangle2


Spectrum from Kenny Sun

One of my most played games in recent days, Kenny Sun’s masterful arcade puzzler Spectrum will suck you in with its mind bending gameplay and groovy atmosphere. It’s a simple idea really, as a grid quickly fills with sliding squares players must do their best to avoid being crushed, but the sheer level of complexity to Spectrum’s game design and polished presentation help elevate it to a much higher pedigree. Not only is Spectrum unique, not only is it awesome, but it’s also completely free!



Super Bunny World from Hei Games

Indie developer Hei Games has finally unleashed Super Bunny World, the highly anticipated followup to its Nintendo inspired platform runner Super Bunny Land. Imagine Super Mario World if it were adapted to mobile form and you’ll have a good idea of what Super Bunny World is all about, which is by no means a bad thing as it manages to successfully recreate the adventures of a certain portly plumber. As the hero in a 16-bit platformer players must try to survive as long as possible by breaking bricks for power ups, stomping on enemies heads, and doing a whole lot of jumping all while done in the uncanny style of Miyamoto himself.

superbunnyworld23 superbunnyworld2


Super Secret Service from Austin Ivansmith

Rounding out our Round-Up is indie developer Austin Ivansmith’s fantastic new twitch arcade game Super Secret Service, a silly and stupendous homage to a simpler time in gaming. As a newly inducted agent into the Secret Service it’s up to players to protect a speech giving president from being pelted by an assortment of projectiles thrown at the stage which can only be blocked by brave servicemen throwing themselves in front of the president. Fortunately players have a veritable army of agents at their disposal so they only need to worry about blocking all those projectiles which leads to some awesomely addicting arcade gameplay. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more cerebral be sure to check out Super Secret Service!




Be sure to tune in every Friday for your regularly scheduled Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up!

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