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Classic Java Game Gets An HD Android Remake In Ninja Zombie

For many of us Android gamers, our obsession with mobile gaming existed long before the dawn of Google’s pocket OS with precursors like Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Java powered phones holding us over while we waited for what we didn’t know we were missing. Back in those days mobile games were much more basic to the point where you’d be lucky if you found a new game on par with a SNES release, but it was what we had and we were happy. And it was in this primordial age of mobile gaming that a spark of life was breathed into the physics based games genre with technically ambitious titles such as Andrey Belkov’s classic Java game Adventures Of Zombieman pushing what meager hardware there was available to its limits thanks to true rarities at the time like ragdoll physics and dynamic rope swinging.

Times have changed since then, but it appears Zombieman has not as he is (un)alive and kicking again in a brand new remake of his original game on Android called Ninja Zombie led by series creator Andrey Belkov under his new Pixelblood Software studio banner. This updated edition takes everything that was great about Adventures Of Zombieman and improves on it to make a terrific new physics based action game that stands up with the best of what the genre’s current generation has to offer. Just like the original game, Ninja Zombie is an addicting physics platformer that involves players swinging about each level like Spiderman without losing important body parts to buzzsaws and other hazards but this time around the gameplay is much more intuitive and silky smooth thanks to its snazzy new graphics engine.

ninjazombie23 ninjazombie234

It would appear in his old age Zombieman has taken up the secret art of Ninjitsu as he has now donned the moniker of Ninja Zombie while he travels the world in pursuit of the mighty black belt, the sign of a true ninja master. In order to acquire this sacred prize players will have to swing and fling their way through zany obstacle laden levels where there is no ground and the only way to keep moving forward is to grapple back and forth between tiny platforms like some sort of acrobatic Scorpion. To the victors go the spoils however as players are able to take the treasure they find and apply it towards their character to customize him in a bunch of hilarious ways. Being undead does have its advantages since our hero can lose a leg or two and still finish the level just be sure not to get caught in the path of a giant buzzsaw or oncoming missile, even though he’s a zombie Ninja Zombie still needs arms to be able to use his grapple.


An awesome new physics platformer that brings classic gameplay into modern age, Ninja Zombie hearkens back to a simpler time in mobile gaming. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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