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Epic 16-Bit Action RPG Stories Of Bethem Is A Modern SNES Game

Like parachute pants in the 80’s there are just some styles that only a select few are able to pull off with any dignity. The same could be said of many “retro” games that attempt to ape the 16-bit graphics look of a SNES title, only to forget that it was the gameplay that made those games so special. But every now and then a rare game comes along that is truly worthy of the retro title by offering a gameplay experience that feels like an authentic recreation of what it feels like to unwrap the plastic on a SNES game box on a Saturday afternoon and fry your brain with hours of video game awesome. One such game has arrived on Android to bless us with its presence and best of all? It’s completely free. And when I say free I mean free, as in ad free, permissions free, and cost free!

It’s an old school action rpg from indie developer GuGames Dev called Stories Of Bethem, and it’s pretty dang impressive. Combining the epic adventure of The Legend Of Zelda series with the tense shoot ’em up action of The Binding Of Isaac, Stories Of Bethem offers great gameplay that feels authentically retro while taking players on a meaty journey filled with all the hallmarks of a classic SNES game. Heck, it’s even got unintentionally hilarious terri-bad translations that just feel like sprinkles on top of this delicious video game sunday. And while some players have complained that this is somehow a bad thing I hope the developer doesn’t change any of the dialogue because it’s genuinely awesome.

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In Stories Of Bethem players take on the role of a reluctant young wizard named Khoma who must rescue his father who has been cursed by an evil witch(aren’t they always?) and put into a deep sleep by going on an epic quest to retrieve the ancient artifacts that hold the power to break the curse. While it may sport a visual style closer to A Link To The Past, Stories Of Bethem plays more like a shooter than a traditional action rpg like The Legend Of Zelda thanks to its mostly ranged combat. There’s tons of stuff to find and dungeons to plunder, each holding their own unique puzzles and traps while all sorts of baddies lurk in the shadows. Secondary questlines help add a ton of extra content to the mix and often hold their own rewards in the form of hilarity and, well, actual rewards.


It’s rare that a game comes along that I can unequivocally recommend. Stories Of Bethem is one of those games. Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

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