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Reverse Sidescroller Zoi: The Escape Leaps Onto Android

Is there such a thing as making a game too hard? Indie developer GameSys sure doesn’t seem to think so. For proof look no further than it’s devilishly addicting new anti-sidescroller Zoi: The Escape, an insanely punishing platformer that gives new meaning to the phrase “twitch gameplay” with its rage inducing level design that requires superhuman reflexes in order to survive. This deceptively charming retro romp may appear innocuous at first with its quirky visuals, polished presentation, and high replay value but make no mistake, Zoi: The Escape is a monster that’s here to torture you with feelings of video game inadequacy. That’s because in Zoi: The Escape players don’t get to move around freely like in a traditional platformer, instead players must stand still in one spot as brick platforms and other deadly projectiles come flying at them with only a well timed leap saving them from pixelated doom.

zoi4 zoi2

Although Zoi: The Escape has been available as a small beta for a short while this newly released version marks the official launch of the game and heralds a bevy of new features and visual enhancements. Everything has been expanded and fine tuned for a proper experience that can feel punishing but never unfair due to its tight one-tap controls. There’s a ton of achievements to unlock now that in turn will allow players to customize their avatar with silly outfits like Abraham Lincoln or a giant mustache. All of the new improvements alongside additional music and sound effects help to firmly transition Zoi: The Escape from its beta version into a full fledged video game.


If you like platformers and are up for a challenge, then Zoi: The Escape is right up your alley. You can pick it up for free on Google Play or play it in your browser here.

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