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Soccer Physics Tribute Tipsoccer Brings Drunk Football To Android

One of the Google Play Store’s best qualities also happens to be its greatest Achilles heel. I speak of course about how, unlike Apple’s iTunes Appstore, there is no official approval process required for developers to go through in order to publish a game on Google Play which has led to a boon in indie Android games and is seen as a more open approach to free speech as opposed to the censorship that Apple is often accused of. However this self publishing policy has also led to no shortage of ripoffs being available, the latest target being Otto Ojala’s quirky iOS arcade game Soccer Physics which has been sloppily imitated several times already with some clones going so far as to use Soccer Physics’ own graphical art assets.

One new Soccer Physics inspired game called Tipsoccer hopes to change all that, as it manages to be the first genuinely fun Android interpretation of Soccer Physics available while throwing in its own little twists to boot. Although it closely follows its source material Tipsoccer features its own tweaked brand of gameplay, wacky characters, and varying game modes for longevity. Most importantly its just as fun as its predecessor and retains the all important single-device two player mode that lets players challenge their friends to a goofy Football match where all the in game characters happen to be drunk.

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Created by Guillaume “Pampa” Delahodde, Tipsoccer is a hilariously addicting new physics based arcade game that uses one touch gameplay mechanics to make Soccer/Football players flail about the field in hopes that they’ll tap the ball towards their opponents goal. Much like Table Soccer or that old electronic vibrating Football game the object of Tipsoccer is to use your characters random movements to your favor and attempt to aim them in the right direction. This leads to all sorts of hilarity as the characters do back flips over each other and sometimes stand on their opponents head. In addition to a purposefully drunk AI players can also do battle with their friends on the same device by using opposite sides of a device’s touch screen.


Whether you’re looking for something like Soccer Physics or are just in the mood for a great pick up and play arcade game you can take to parties be sure to give Tipsoccer a spin! You can pick it up now for a buck on Google Play with a free trial version available as well.

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