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Arcade-Strategy RPG Hybrid Snake Defender Slithers Onto Android

What do you get when you throw Snake, Geometry Wars, and Collosatron all together in a blender and set it to smoothie? Well in indie studio SpokDev’s case the answer happens to be an addicting amalgamation of the former titles called Snake Defender that manages to both liberally borrow from them while remixing their established gameplay mechanics all together in unusual ways that make for a highly engaging experience Snake fans old and young alike will adore. This ambitious twitch arcade RPG takes big risks with its jack of all trades approach by fusing together aspects of bullet hell shooters, tower defense, and classic grid based Snake but rather than buckle under all the pressure such complex game mechanics demand Snake Defender instead stands tall thanks to a well designed foundation that carefully balances each influence against one another so they work in concert to deliver addicting gameplay.

snakedefender snakedefender23

Much like classic Snake the goal of Snake Defender is to survive each level as long as possible while munching on dots for points, except in this version of Snake players are a massive alien creature floating out in space as they struggle to defeat a deadly new fleet of warships that have set up shop in that part of the galaxy. Eating dots and taking out enemies will allow players to trick out their Snake with different attacks and abilities that let players dynamically pick their own gameplay style. An important distinction between Snake Defender and games like Collosatron is in Snake Defender players take a much more active role in the combat by constantly selecting targets rather than just passively roaming about.


If you like strategy and you like Snake(and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then you’ll no doubt get a kick out of Snake Defender! You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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