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It’s Good To Be Bad In New Action RPG Platformer Tiny Necromancer

No, that’s not a new Orange Pixel game you’re looking at but it’s something just as good. Upon first glance its easy to mistake indie developer Tobias Helsing’s superb new retro action-rpg Tiny Necromancer for something from the makers of Gunslugs due to its arcadey feel and charming pixel art style but Tiny Necromancer is instead a one-man production which makes its surprising amount of gameplay content(54 levels and counting) and level of polish on par with a big studio all the more impressive.

Part platformer, part action-rpg, Tiny Necromancer is an old school side scrolling adventure in the spirit of classic NES action games that sets its self apart from other platformers by staying true to its retro heritage through challenging but balanced gameplay that doesn’t cut the player any slack just because their on mobile. No sirree, this here’s a bonafide old school action-rpg, the kind of game that you develop a love/hate relationship with but can’t stay away from.

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The goal of each level is to fight your way past a horde of unique enemies that guard a key needed to escape. Things start out simple at first with straightforward but fun sidescrolling shooter style platforming but soon players will find themselves facing down nigh invincible Lich’s, outwitting marauding bandits, and running for their lives from a bloodthirsty dragon. Along the way they’ll need to pick up any loot they can get their hands on so they can unlock powerful spells that can help make Tiny Necromancer’s epic boss fights just a little bit more manageable.


Whether you’re a fan of action-rpgs or platformers you’ll definitely want to give Tiny Necromancer a look. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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    Still this hitbox bug is super annoying. I will be playing this when it is solved…

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