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New Twitch Platformer Factory Escape Redefines Impossible

Much like consoles and first person shooters, mobile games and endless runners have traditionally gone hand in hand due to their relatively benign learning curve that everyone and their grandma can play. However there is a rarely seen dark side to this usually mindless exercise in banality that almost seems to delight in tormenting players with absurdly challenging gameplay that leaves just enough room for error so as to keep a successful high score perpetually just out of reach.

I speak of course of the dreaded “impossible” game genre, of which a new inductee from indie developer Team Twistoid called Factory Escape has just arrived on the scene to terrify Android users with thoughts of video game inadequacy. You’d think such a high level of difficulty might be a turn off, but in Factory Escape’s case you’d be wrong as this incredibly addicting retro sidescroller hits all the right beats that an “impossible” game should with intuitive controls, superb level design, and even a groovy soundtrack to soothe your nerves before you chuck your phone out the window!

factoryescape4 factoryescape464

This pixelated platformer tells the tale of a hapless ‘bot destined for the scrap heap who decides to fight for his freedom by escaping the massive factory he’s trapped in. In order to make a break for it he’ll have to master a ton of uniquely designed levels that each offer their own dastardly traps filled with conveyor belts of doom that threaten to smoosh our electronic friend if he’s not careful. Timing is everything in Factory Escape, so it’s a good thing it’s got well implemented one touch controls that allow for a surprising amount of finesse as players struggle to keep up with the crazy speeds the action can get up to. There’s a lot more nuance than you might suspect in a game of this nature thanks to thoughtful game design that shows more intuition than most of its peers.


If you’re hankering for a challenging platformer with a ton of replay value be sure to check out Factory Escape. You can pick it up for $1.22 on Google Play with a free lite version available as well.

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