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Oculus Rift Hit RoboBliteration Brings Twin Stick VR To Android

While everyone over in PC land is going gaga over the Oculus Rift and its potentially game-changing applications Android users are all to quick to forget that we have our own virtual reality options that extend well beyond just Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and its proprietary VR headset. I speak of course about Google Cardboard, the ingenious virtual reality system you can make right now with just your Android phone and stuff you have lying around the house. While the pickings game-wise for Cardboard have been pretty slim so far save for a few notable exceptions a new arcade game called RoboBliteration has made the leap from Oculus Rift over to Cardboard and it’s brought some awesome twin stick style arcade action with it.

robobliteration2 robobliteration5

While the Oculus Rift version of RoboBliteration was a little bit more retro in its gameplay style and used a controller this new Cardboard based Android version seems to have been rebuilt from the ground up with a much more impressive Super Stardust inspired game design that makes full use of 1:1 head tracking for true hands free controls. The gameplay itself in RoboBliteration is your standard twin stick shooter fare, but how you play it is completely different and why it’s worth checking out.

Instead of using a touch screen control scheme that would obscure players view of the display in RoboBliteration players move their ship by simply looking around whatever room they’re in as the ship auto-targets enemies accordingly. A full array of arcade power ups and levels round out the action which helps differentiate RoboBliteration from just another tech demo into being a full blown game.


If you’re looking for a little more action with your Google Cardboard glasses be sure to give RoboBliteration a spin! You can pick it up for $.99 on Google Play.

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