Published on January 8th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


It’s Cool To Be Square In Hip New Puzzle Shooter Gunbrick

The creators of 8bit Doves are at it again with an awesome new sidescrolling puzzler called Gunbrick that, in what what is fast becoming a trend for indie developer Nitrome, puts its own unique stamp on the platforming genre with some truly novel game design and a penchant for kitsch. This unique platformer serves up a smartly integrated blend of several gameplay types with light puzzle and shooter elements that firmly give Gunbrick a personality all to its own. Although the goal of each level is usually just to make it to the end or face off against a crazy boss how you get there is completely different thanks to a hilarious control scheme that has players rolling around the screen in a small box with a huge gun on one side.

gunbrick2 gunbrick3

Gunbrick’s irregular style of movement was a big gamble to go with but it payed off big time as every aspect of the gameplay has been cleverly designed to take full advantage this puzzle heavy approach. In order to make their way through each stage players will have to angle their Gunbrick™ so it blasts away at otherwise impassable barriers or so that it falls and crushes the dastardly enemies that would oppose your cubely greatness. The presentation is top notch as well thanks to a vibrant art style and some great music.


Whether you’re into puzzlers, platformers, or shooters Gunbrick has something for you! You can pick it up now for $2.99 on Google Play. Also, be sure to check out Platform Panic, another great game that just came out from Nitrome over the holidays!

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