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Do The Mega Man In New Twitch Shoot ‘Em Up Boomerang Chang

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Michel Gerard, the indie developer behind classics like 10 More Bullets, but after a brief hiatus he’s back in action with an addicting new pixel shooter by the name of Boomerang Chang that plays like a twitch variation on the Quick Boomerang power up Mega Man would get after beating the Quick Man stage. Much like his previous games Boomerang Chang is daftly simple yet infinitely replayable thanks to tight gameplay design centered around a terrific premise. As a lone boomerang wielding warrior atop a pixelated tower it’s up to players to survive as long as possible against an onslaught of nasty baddies from both the land and air while making sure not to get knocked off or decapitated by one of their own boomerangs.

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Rather than attempt to shoehorn in virtual d-pad controls Michel Gerard’s Boomerang Chang wisely uses a mobile friendly two-button control scheme that allows for fast and furious action without the lack of tactile feedback getting in the way. As the endless procession of enemies descend upon players they have the option of either jumping to avoid being squished or throwing a boomerang to take out any would be digital assassins, the catch being that if players happen to miss with one of their boomerangs it’ll be coming back around at them until it finds a target. Boomerang Chang is a simple game to be sure, but it’s nice to see someone taking the twitch game design from games like Flappy Bird and applying it to a different genre for once.


If you’re looking for a quick pick up and play game that isn’t just another Flappy Bird knockoff, be sure to check out Boomerang Chang! It’s available now for free on Google Play and as a browser compatible web version here.


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