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Platforming Goes Highbrow In MC Escher Esque Runner Skyward

High Prescher

Thanks to games like Back To Bed and Monument Valley the “M.C. Escher art aesthetic as game design” approach has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years, but what would happen if this concept were applied to something other than the introspective puzzle genre? That’s exactly the question a mindbending new platformer called Skyward purports to answer by switching out the plodding methodical pace of other Escher homages in favor of simple but surprisingly deep one-tap twitch action design that revolves around clever use of perspective. Indie developer Aya Games and publisher Ketchapp have teamed up once again to deliver this addicting new platformer that proves fast paced action and an ambitious art aesthetic aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.


In Skyward players must help a pair of revolving circles make their way from platform to platform by tapping to make one of them stick before they fall into the ethereal abyss below. At first things start out simple as players need only ensure they don’t tap while a circle is off the ground, but as they begun to reach more and more milestones a procession of zany block types will be slowly added into the mix that each have their own unique effects on the gameplay. This approach helps give Skyward a real sense of progression that’s lost on other such endless twitch games since players will experience something new nearly every time they’re able to beat their previous records.


Whether you’re a fan of crazy art styles or are just looking for a different kind of platformer Skyward will definitely fit the bill. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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