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Do The Electric Slide In Slick New Arcade Runner Hybrid Last Hope

Don’t Be A Square

My initial impression of Last Hope when I first laid eyes on it was that I was dealing with an endless runner, and while it does incorporate some elements of that genre it is actually by and large an absolutely fantastic Tron-like arcade puzzler that commands your attention with bombastic authority. Created by indie developer Macle Studios, this addicting new twitch heavy dodge ’em up smoothly integrates gameplay styles ranging from Tetris to Tron as players attempt to rapidly rearrange a massive alien cube so their rocket powered protagonist doesn’t accidentally smash into a wall. As if its top notch graphics, design, and awesome soundtrack weren’t enough Last Hope also has a hilarious fully animated back story that tells the tale of an intergalactic war between peace loving triangles and war mongering cubes with one triangle donning a super powered suit and striking back for freedom.


Interestingly the indie developer behind Last Hope, Macle Studios, has until now been known for its work in the field of graphic design which is reflected by the game’s absolutely gorgeous visual spectacle and lively animation. There is a real sense of progression to Last Hope’s gameplay as it always seems as if there is a new twist mechanic waiting right around the next bend which when coupled with its procedurally generated level structure allows for a great deal of replayability. This sense of spontaneity is further reinforced by sections of the game that shift from its primary block switching scenario into a more traditional balls to the wall futuristic avoid ’em up.


Last Hope’s high replay value and addicting gameplay means i’ll be playing this one for quite some time to come. You can pick up Last Hope for free on Google Play.

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