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Retro Strategy RPG The Nine Journeys Onto Android

When grizzled old gamers gather around the campfire telling tales of legendary RPGs most will wax poetic about the virtues of the Final Fantasy series but every now and then a mysterious hooded stranger would espouse the tale of greatness garnered by the all but forgotten strategy RPG series Ogre Battle. For these gamers their day of validation has arrived as a charming new strategy RPG called The Nine is here to shake things up a bit in the Android RPG arena with its hybrid hodge podge of game mechanics that liberally borrow from everything from Chrono Trigger’s non random enemy encounters, to Ogre Battle’s dynamic party grid layout, to Final Fantasy’s active timer battle system.

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While it’s storyline follows the usual RPG fare of saving the world from monsters the real fun of The Nine is in how you actually go about dispatching the aforementioned monsters. In between going on quests to eradicate bands of evil creatures from different areas players are able to recruit their own custom selected party of up to nine different heroes which opens up a ton of different game strategies as everything from each character’s special abilities down to where they’re on the battle grid can have a drastic effect on the outcome of each encounter. That’s important because at the end of every major area is a seriously tough boss that usually requires players to rethink their strategy all over again in order to win the day.


Strategy RPG fans feeling burnt out on Final Fantasy Tactics style games will definitely want to take a look at The Nine. It’s available to download now for free on Google Play.

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