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Surreal Skateboarding Sim Skate Lines Kickflips Onto Android

Growing up I was never much interested in sports games, but as an avid skater I always made an exception for classics like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and even later games like Skate due to their ability to largely capture the spirit of what makes skateboarding so fun. There have been attempts at replicating this formula on Android in the past with games like True Skate but they usually end up with a glaring technical flaw one way or the other. One new indie skateboarding game called Skate Lines may have changed all that however as to my mind it feels like one of first skateboarding games on Android to truly nail what it takes to successfully adapt the genre to touchscreen platforms.

skatelines2 skatelines4

Created by indie developer Daniel Stefan Zeller, Skate Lines is a very zen new pseudo-3D skater that moves the focus away from manic score based madness towards a much more meditative experience solely focused on pulling off the sweetest looking combos around. This is accomplished through a surprisingly nuanced control scheme that allows players to perform over 35 individual tricks as well as 14 different slides and grinds leading to maximum replayability due to its open ended design. There’s also a really neat in-game recording feature that allows players to set up insane runs and then challenge their friends to a digital skate off.


With its gorgeous visuals and intuitive gameplay Skate Lines is a must have for anyone who’s ever wanted a proper skateboarding game on Android. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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