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Be A Fish & Chips Magnate In Old School Fishing Sim Man Eats Fish

Back in the MS-DOS era of gaming history sports titles were an entirely different beast than what they are today. Instead of who could deliver the most polygons per second MS-DOS sports games were a question of who could best work around the then still burgeoning PC platform’s inherent limitations. Often times this would lead to some truly eccentric game ideas as developers at the time would imagine all sorts of fantastical scenarios to give their game its own unique identity. It’s in this spirit that indie game developer SuperMoof’s intriguingly nostalgic new fishing simulator Man Eats Fish must have been made then, because for what is likely the first time ever in video game history there is now a game where players can experience the joys of operating a digital Fishery/Fish & Chips combo company that has them plundering the furthest depths of the sea by day and frying up some tasty aquatic wildlife by night.

maneatsfish3 maneatsfish355

This dual shop owner mechanic serves as the fulcrum of the games action because when players are out fishing they’ll need to not only make sure they fill their hull to the brim but they’ll also need to catch the tastiest fish they can find since if players serve up bad fish at the restaurant side customers will actually start to give your shop bad reviews online which will drive away business and eventually result in a game over. Successfully bringing in hauls of rare fish for your discerning customers will bring in big bucks for players which in turn will allow them to upgrade their fishing equipment, spruce up the restaurant, and even breed their own designer fish in a special in-store aquarium so the helpless fish can watch their brethren slowly being devoured day in and day out until it is one day their turn to go to the big deep fat fryer in the sky……eh, they’ll get over it.


Fishing games like Man Eats Fish are an acquired taste for sure, but those that take the plunge of biting down on something they’ve never tried before will be glad that they did. Man Eats Fish is available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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