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Game & Watch Inspired Mini Zie Invades Earth Lands On Android

From the indie developer behind one of Android’s most beloved platformers, Jack N’ Jill, comes a hilarious new retro style arcade game called Zie Invades Earth that traces its roots back to the mythical LCD powered Game & Watch devices of old. Unlike most games involving nefarious extraterrestrials the otherworldly protagonist players control in Zie Invades Earth isn’t trying to conquer the planet or anything else so dastardly but he has become quite jealous of all the cool candy and toys the children of Earth have, resolving to travel down to our fair planet in stealth mode so as to steal all of the cool stuff his ships sensors can find and probably becoming the basis for the boogey man legend in the process. It wont exactly be as easy as taking candy from a baby however as their absent minded parents will alert the newspaper if they see you not to mention the little buggers occasionally fight back.

zieinvadestheearth3 zieinvadestheearth2

Like the Game & Watch portables that inspired it Zie Invades Earth is a rather rudimentary affair gameplay wise but it still manages to be surprisingly addicting thanks to its timeless reflex based mechanics. In a bizarre game of “Red-Light, Green-Light” players will need to inch their way towards unsuspecting children in order to steal their stuff by tapping on the screen but as soon as the parents start to get wise players need to let go of the screen to engage their alien cloaking device in order to avoid being spotted. This cloaking ability is limited however so players need to use it as minimally as possible which makes for rather tense gameplay at higher score levels. Luckily players can also upgrade their alien friend using their stolen goods and can even buy some spiffy outfits that will help them blend in with the local populace.


Zie Invades Earth is an addicting homage to Nintendo Game & Watch classics that successfully lives up to their legendary minimalist game design aesthetic. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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