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Free Puzzle Platformer Alice In The Mushroom Hole Hits Android

There have been more than a few Alice In Wonderland themed games on various platforms over the years but one quirky new puzzle platformer by the name of Alice In The Mushroom Hole feels like the first to actually apply elements of the classic tale to their gameplay mechanics rather than just mimicking its presentation. In this quirky ad free, in app purchase free, and permissions free physics heavy take on the Lewis Carroll book instead of going on a trippy adventure through Wonderland Alice’s entire journey transpires in the hole she falls down into when chasing after the rabbit at the beginning of the story which sets the stage for imaginative sidescrolling gameplay centered around Alice’s size shifting mushroom and tea escapades.

aliceinthemushroomhole aliceinthemushroomhole24

Unlike most puzzle centric platformers Alice In The Mushroom Hole effortlessly infuses head scratching conundrums into its action through the use of a really neat world shifting concept that morphs reality itself when Alice manages to collect three of any one kind of canon-faithful power up. So for example if you were to leap off a mushroom and grabbed a third crumpet power up that mushroom would become a vacuum that would suck you down onto the spikes below it on the down swing. Likewise what was once a pool of lava can instead turn into a pool of bubbles that can be safely used to traverse the level. It’s this dynamic approach to puzzles combined with its devilishly challenging game design that makes Alice In The Mushroom Hole so enjoyable.


Alice In The Mushroom Hole is a terrific new puzzle platformer with a unique twist and great original music. You can pick it up now for completely free on Google Play.

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