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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #70

Welcome to the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform!

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new platformer, an action packed shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will be featured on our front page!


 4Team from Heisenberg Entertainment

In this new retro arena shooter players choose from a number of wacky characters with their own special abilities as they fight it out in off the wall online deathmatches. The idea behind 4Team is simple, just shoot the heck out of everything you see, but the wealth of characters and great multiplayer features help to give it a well rounded experience. Basically it’s versus Super Crate Box with cross platform PvP, and that’s alright in my book.

4team 4team2


Cave Run Kids! from Telefrag Entertainment

A charming old school dodge ’em up built around the dual runner concept, Cave Run Kids manages to breathe new life into a relatively germane game mechanic by mixing in elements of other genres. So while players are concentrating on simultaneously controlling two characters at once they’ll also have to contend with hordes of bats and giant laser shooting eyeballs if they want to reach a high score. Add in a ton of unlockable characters that each have their own special perks and you’ve got a keeper.

caverunkids caverunkids2


Chrooma from Game Lounge

Indie developer Game Lounge’s elegant new color coded puzzler Chrooma may not have the most groundbreaking gameplay ever conceived but what it does, it does well. With its gorgeous looking presentation style and polished UI Chrooma’s color matching action will have you wracking your brain trying to solve the surprisingly well thought out logic puzzles. Plus, another really neat thing is that while it does have some in app purchases for additional level packs players can also unlock these packs free of charge by either 3 starring every level in the previous pack or by sharing the game with their friends.



Circle Rush from Overcooked Studios

This addicting new minimalistic arcade game may not look like much, but like the Millennium Falcon, she’s got it where it counts. Players control an orbiting sphere as it moves around a circle enjoined with another, taking care not to accidentally fly into any rival spheres that might lie in their path. It’s a simple concept that provides plenty of challenge and quite possibly might drive you mad. Some neat extra touches include same- device multiplayer and ads that are turned off by default but can be enabled in the settings for those that want to support the dev.

circlerush circlerush2


Dictator from Tigrido

If you’ve ever wanted to be the ruler of your own fledgling island nation, indie studio Tigrido’s new meta-strategy game Dictator is just the game for you. As the autocratic leader of a third world nation it’s up to players to maintain their grip on power by making decisions that satisfy both your many warring in-factions and your own personal ambitions. Interestingly, unlike games like Tropico that adopt an RTS approach Dictator is more of a tonge in cheek time management game which gives it its own unique flavor.



Dudeski from Static Oceans

After shredding it up on iOS last year the critically acclaimed skiing adventure Dudeski has finally landed on Android and is ready to hit the slopes. Like a highly expanded twist on the classic Skifree game players will tear up the mountaintop with their sweet ski skills as they dodge trees, pick up pine cones, and discover all sorts of neat goodies. With its enormously enjoyable gameplay and wealth of unlockables it’s easy to see why Dudeski has such a good rap.



Heart Simulator from Het Regime

This quirky little reflex game puts players in charge of manually operating a video game character’s heart as he goes about his daily routine like an everyday person which works suprisingly well as a basis for its gameplay. Unlike the uber-popular cookie clicker genre the object of Heart Simulator is not to tap until the cows come home but instead to try to pump the onscreen heart without accidentally killing the unaware cartoon character they’re in charge of keeping alive. Although its gameplay is exceedingly simple Heart Simulator still manages to be inexplicably addicting.



KillBoss from KoXKo

KillBoss is an interesting new arcade shooter with light RPG elements that skips the whole dungeon crawling bit and goes straight to doing battle with an insanely overpowered boss. As a crazy fire slinging demon tries to roast players for dinner they’ll need to rotate clockwise and counter clockwise in order to avoid his attacks which also allows them to shoot back but only if they’re moving. It uses a really interesting gameplay dynamic and the boss patterns are rather inventive, it’ll be interesting to see what future updates bring to KillBoss.

killboss killboss2


Monster League Racing from IBZooT

This awesome new one touch racer features great graphics and intuitive gameplay that adapts the racing genre to mobile without sacrificing what makes it so fun. As an unexpectedly adorable and quite fashionable monster players will compete in zany races which use a timing based tap system rather than traditional console based controls. Although there isn’t as much control allotted to players as in say, Trials, there is still plenty of skill required to excel in Monster League Racing as the entire game feels like a giant version of hitting the gas pedal right at the start of a Mario Kart race.

monsterleagueracing monsterleagueracing2


Neural Diver: Cyber Defender from Clockwork Wolf

Anyone who’s ever played the classic Tempest games like Tempest 2000 will instantly recognize why Neural Diver is awesome. This thematic shoot ’em up puts players in the role of a cybernetic defense system as they thwart attempts by various intruders to hack their systems which takes the form of well thought out shooter gameplay that offers a lot of variety. Rather than just blow their enemies away like in classic arcade games here players must actually switch between multiple weapon types in order to successfully delete their opponents, giving Neural Diver an appreciably neat feel.

neuraldefender neuraldefender2


 Omega Falcon – Star Force from Jevitek

Having completed many months of development following its initial demo version indie studio Jevitek’s old school arcade shooter Omega Falcon has finally landed on Android with the callsign Star Force designating its finished status. Instead of relying on a flashy gimmick to attract players Omega Falcon is as retro as you can get with challenging power up filled bullet hell action where players only have their wits and a limited amount of lives to survive. Not only is its gameplay solid but Omega Falcon also has excellent visuals courtesy of its fully 3D rendered graphics.



Paper Dungeons from Agent Mega

After launching on Steam early last year indie developer Agent Mega’s nostalgic homage to tabletop role playing games Paper Dungeons has arrived on Android complete with its extensive PC feature set in tow. This expansive rogue-like brings tabletop adventuring to mobile with a faithful recreation of its dice based gameplay experience and a powerful campaign editor that allows players to download new user created quests for infinite replayability. While its tabletop approach to RPG design has been done before Paper Dungeons easily stands above most of its peers in the genre thanks to a high level of polish and extensive replay value.

paperdungeon5 paperdungeons4


Pukka Golf from Kabot Lab

Amazingly well designed, Pukka Golf is an awesome new physics platformer that feels like a seamless hybrid of Angry Birds and Super Mario Bros. In a wacky iteration of mini-golf it’s up to players to get their ball to the hole as quickly as possible across a wide array of zany course set ups filled with all sorts of untoward traps that no humble golf ball should ever have to deal with. If you’re into physics based games at all be sure to check Pukka Golf out, it’s a hole in one(sorry, couldn’t resist)!

pukkagolf pukkagolf2


Rocket Craze 3D from Rixment

Following up on its hit arcade game Rocket Craze indie developer Rixment is back with Rocket Craze 3D, a very impressive new remake that recalls similar ambitious reboots like Babel Rising 3D. Not only does Rocket Craze 3D retain all the elements that made its predecessor so successful but it also ups the ante by throwing in a whole slew of new gameplay mechanics like the ability to strap guns to the side of your rocket which adds a neat shooter element to the whole affair. With its addicting hybrid of runner, shooter, and Lunar Lander mechanics Rocket Craze 3D is an absolute blast.



Sinking Feeling from Force Of Habit

Toast Time developer Force Of Habit is back with a psychedelic new falling game called Sinking Feeling that’s all about having a smashing good time, literally. That’s because in this mind blowing arcade runner players will need to break their fall through digital space by smashing through panes of pixelated glass in order to score points that allow them to level up, changing the gameplay significantly every time. So for instance where those glass panes might have once stood still they will now twist and contort themselves to avoid being on the receiving end of your high velocity impact at all costs.



Slingpin from Monkeyworks

Equal parts physics games like Cut The Rope and puzzle games like The Incredible Machine, indie developer Monkeyworks’ awesome new arcade puzzler Slingpin mashes together several unlikely genres to create one surprisingly cohesive whole. In a variation on bowling players will need to launch bowling balls with a slingshot at a variety of mind boggling physics puzzles that need precise aim as much as they do good analytical skills. Slingpin isn’t afraid to switch things up either, as evidenced by it even throwing in pinball game elements like flippers to keep the puzzle solving action interesting.



Son Of Light from Uncommon Games

If you’re looking for a shoot ’em up with a lot of replay value look no further than indie developer Uncommon Games’ fantastic new bullet hell survival shooter Son Of Light. This endless shooter combines light RPG elements with the shooter genre to create a gameplay dynamic that encourages endless experimentation thanks to its highly customizable upgrade system. With every run players make they’ll earn more experience points that can be used to unlock new weapons and upgrades for their ship that let them last longer against a massive enemy armada.



Space Duck from Liquid Rock Games

In most endless runners players usually need to have lighting fast tapping reflexes or impeccably good aim but a great new gesture based puzzle runner by the name of Space Duck has flipped that convention on its head. That’s because instead of doing the usual twitch tapping business here players need to rapidly perform onscreen gestures in order to advance their character’s progress which works surprisingly well considering how the puzzle and runner genres seem to be intrinsically opposed to each other. Who knew a game based around doing unlock screen gestures as fast as possible could be so good?



Super Awesome from Leaghorn

Super Meat Boy fans, take notice. An apologetically challenging new old school platformer by the name of Super Awesome has arrived on Android and it’s brought the meaty one’s addictingly impossible gameplay with it. You won’t find any wussy simplified touchscreen controls here, just good old fashioned run and jump gameplay that even supports gamepads as players attempt to survive Super Awesome’s mercilessly intelligent level layout. It successfully brings the Super Meat Boy formula to Android while adding in a few of its own unique ideas, not too shabby Leaghorn.

superawesome243 superawesome23


Swordbreaker from DuCats Games

Back before video games were even a thing would be dungeon crawlers got their orc slaying fix by reading “choose your own adventure” books, which fashioned a surprisingly cohesive interactive narrative out of the D & D experience. Indie developer DuCats Games’ gorgeous new adventure game Swordbreaker hearkens back to this time period with beautifully illustrated choiced based gameplay that lets players help guide the path of their own epic quest through a spooky castle. It’s still an active work-in-progress, but even in its current form Swordbreaker is still rather neat.

swordbreaker swordbreaker2


Tako Tako from Spaceharry Studio

Unreal Engine powered games are usually visual powerhouses and indie developer Spaceharry Studio’s striking new 3D physics platformer Tako Tako is no exception. As a stylish hat wearing octopus players will use their ultra stretchy limbs to fling themselves around Tako Tako’s Mario 64 esque levels in search of golden statues and a sweet rocket they can cruise around in. The control scheme takes a little bit of getting used to but then again Tako Tako is certainly not your average Android platformer.

takotako2 takotako23


Tic Tac Toe Showdown from J-Ho Labs

The classic game of X’s and O’s is getting an interesting update courtesy of indie studio J-Ho Labs’ hilarious new battle puzzler Tic Tac Toe Showdown. This charming new puzzle game tweaks the Tic Tac Toe formula to allow for versus gameplay by giving players the opportunity to both attack and defend different pieces of the board, turning what was once a matter of statistical certainty and therefore boredom, into a strategic clash of wits. And just like any Tic Tac Toe game worth its salt Tic Tac Toe Showdown also has a great pass ‘n play multiplayer mode that lets players go head to head with their foes on the same device eliminating the classic dilemma of what to draw your impromptu Tic Tac Toe game on once and for all.

tictactoeshowdown tictactoeshowdown2


Trouble With Robots from Art Castle

It may have been a little while since indie studio Art Castle’s terrific card based strategy game Trouble With Robots first launched on iOS but now it’s finally here on Android and i’m happy to say it was every bit worth the wait. A vastly intriguing mixture of deck building and real time strategy serve as the meat of the gameplay here, offering up a multitude of different ways to play the game thanks to deep customization mechanics, while a genuinely hilarious story about dumb robots going to war against a fantasy army full of trolls and elves serves to inject some personality into the experience. Whether you’re a big strategy buff or a deck building master you’ll definitely get a kick out of Trouble With Robots.

troublewithrobots troublewithrobots2


Vector Jet from 99 Up Games

While most tunnel runners tend to feel generic one awesome new physics sidescroller called Vector Jet is directly challenging that convention through multiple design tweaks that add extra layers of depth to its gameplay without breaking the mold entirely. Players must fly their paper airplane through 15 hand crafted levels in an artistically minimal tunnel environment while making sure not to fly into a wall or get crushed by a cave-in. By adopting traditional level design rather than using randomly generated layouts indie developer 99 Up Games was able to instill much more personality and challenge into Vector Jet than they would have been able to otherwise.

vectorjet vectorjet2


We Are Not Alone from Knivore

This quirky new arcade sidescroller brings elements of Rampage and Jetpack Joyride together into one wacky hybrid game about being a UFO out terrorizing the populace. While players fly around crowded cities with fleeing locals they’ll need to either abduct or disintegrate the earthlings in order to build up points that can be used to procure useful gadgets and sweet new intergalactic rides. Watch out though, as the denizens of this fair planet won’t take kindly to your extraterrestrial shenanigans and will throw everything but the kitchen sink at your ship in order to put an early end to your joyride.

wearenotalone wearenotalone2



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