Published on February 17th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Apocalyptic Trap Defense Game Because Zombies Hits Android

A terrific new 3D trap defense game by the name of Because Zombies has arrived on Android and is quickly making a name for itself with its intriguing Orcs Must Die meets Plants VS Zombies play style that puts a bit more of an action heavy spin on the whole affair than your typical tower defense title. Created by indie developer DoubleSmoked Software, Because Zombies takes a different approach to tower defense by infusing the genre with a Left 4 Dead esque sensibility that fundamentally reworks many of its most common game mechanics in interesting new undead based ways. So unlike most tower defense games instead of laying down simple arrow and magic spewing structures in Because Zombies players have a ton of cool ways to fight back against the shambling hordes like giant spikes, attack dogs, and oversized machine guns.

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In addition to its unique approach to gameplay Because Zombies also sets itself apart from the majority of the tower defense crowd with its impressive full 3D graphics and highly polished presentation style that really help to create a believable scenario where players are fighting for their life as they attempt to traverse a zombie infested city. Rather than complete one unrelated stage after another every battle players encounter are tied together through cinematically presented scenarios that gradually introduce new gameplay and story elements. Players are able to put together their own personal approach to dispatching the undead by mixing and matching over 25 different trap types for maximum butt-kicking efficiency.


Because Zombies is a great new trap defense game that strategy buffs will ravenously devour. It’s available now for $1.64 on Google Play.

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